Sep 29 2009

The Bridgehampton Race Circuit…Today

Andrew Hartwell has provided this photo of the Chevron Bridge at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit taken just three days ago. Check out Andrew's tribute website to this historic Long Island race track.

Even more Bridgehampton action can be seen on these films posted on

-The 1951 Bridgehampton Races

-The 1965 Vanderbilt Cup Race at Bridgehampton


Oct 04 2009 jan Hyde 9:42 AM

Could not open videos on my PC, very frustrating.
Great job on the Bridge, unable to make it yesterday unfortunately.

Oct 04 2009 Howard Kroplick 8:33 PM

Hi Jan:

Thanks for the heads-up. Give it another try.


Oct 05 2009 Howard Kroplick 7:09 PM

  From Earl Gandel:
I have to comment on Guy Frost’s remembrance of Bridgehampton.  In case anyone reads it, they should be aware that Guy ignores completely the 14 years between the last TransAm (1970) and when Bob Rubin took over.  I was partners with first Dick Gary and Bob Bochroch, then Bill Conlon in Bridgehampton Racing Group.  We leased the track from BRRC for very little, which increased every year with the taxes, to operate it and promote races.  During that time, we introduced pro AMA and other motorcycle road racing, motocross, Formula Atlantic and the Jim Russell Racing School to fill out busy programs of SCCA, EMRA and other club events. That was the era of lawsuits over noise with the town and county, which BRG defended in court many times, at our expense, without assistance from our weekend tenants. True, we operated on a shoestring, but we kept the place alive for 14 years after it was pronounced dead.
The so-called “Save The Bridge” movement was too litle, too late, and ineffective.  Bob Rubin may have had racing in mind for the first few years, but it should not be forgotten that he’s the one who plowed in the track and built a very expensive (and I hope profitable) golf course.  The attempt to memorialize the track with video in the clubhouse for the private viewing of his members should not be seen as a memorial but a tombstone.
Many of the things Guy, on behalf of the weekend racers, takes credit for were the results of BRG’s hard work, money, and sacrifice.  It doesn’t matter that this is forgotten, but the record should at least be made straight.
Thanks,  Earl Gandel

Oct 06 2009 Tom 9:19 AM

I say thanks for the added insight.

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