Sep 17 2011

Video “Looking Back: Driving the Black Beast”

As part of a future article on Alcos, a reporter and a photographer were given the first- hand Black Beast experience.



2011 Howard Kroplick & Photographer at Waterfront at Roslyn

This six-minute video documents a trip with the photographer around the Village of Roslyn using a GoPro camera "looking back".  Check out the video and you will see what I mean. Note the number of times I recognize people smiling and waving at the Black Beast:












Celebrities on the Beast

Howard Kroplick  & Mickey Rivers at the 2011 Bellmore Street Festival  Mickey Rivers, center fielder for the New York Yankees from 1976 to 1979,  at today's Bellmore Family Street Festival. More images from this fun event will be posted next week.



Singer Victoria Faiella behind the wheel. The glamorous singer Victoria Faiella behind the wheel.



Mystery Photo

Mystery Race & Track Bob Baran needs your help to identify the track and race in this photo. Hint: Based on the grandstand in the background and the single drivers without mechanicians, it is definitely not a Vanderbilt Cup Race.


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Car of the Week

Vintage or unusual cars seen recently in the Long Island area:


1956 Ferrari 500 TR Prototype

 1956 Ferrari 500 TR Prototype



1956 Ferrari 500 Testarossa Prototype seen at the 2011 Sunday in the Park Concours at Lime Rock Track. The car is owned by Bill Binnie of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

More information on the Prototype



Sep 18 2011 Dick R 9:11 PM

Thanks again for a nice way to start Sunday. GREAT video. Like the way the grin on the photog’s face gets bigger and bigger as he appreciates how special it is to experience the Alco from on board. And the pedestrian who has both hands up to his/her(?) face in disbelief at seeing the car. I have an XK120 coupe and people love seeing that but the Alco is in a whole different class by itself. Short story- I drove the 120 to the local farm stand last week and as I got out of the car a woman (a stranger)came up and said, “You really look good in that car!” and all I could think of to say was, “So you’re saying I don’t look so good now that I’m out of it??”

Sep 25 2011 Howard Kroplick 6:09 PM

From James L:

“Your Alco is an amazing car. I really like the one in the Nethercut collection as well. I have been around early cars since high school. My first auto job was at 15. I worked for George Wingard. I have started a program to teach young people about vintage automobiles and materials science. We have made some matching Alloys for a 1913 Turcat-Mery dash that had a number of holes that needed patching. Since the dash will be bare metal the chemistry had to be just right. Our current area of study is the great Harry Miller Leo Goosen and Fred Offenhauser.

Why now? we are loosing out first hand drivers spectators and builders. The greatest generation is in there late 70’s to 90’s. Our students are carefully selected and we will teach maners,materials and machines.

Our face book page is The Hub Society.
Our first trip with the group will be to Jay Leno’s show shop and to visit a number of L.A. locations that are related to Miller’s history.
I would love to study the Vanderbuilt events in the future. It is difficult to motivate the study without having the students loose interest.
Our ultimate goal will be to build a car for the students to operate. I would love to find a early Lozier like the one that Teddy Tetzlaff. With the Miller Carb. Finding a chassis might be a bit difficult but it is good to have goals. A side by side is the the design that we will build so that we can give rides to younger students.
Feel free to check out our page we would like to add history and add you as a admin.”

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