May 24 2010

Alco Trucks and the First Transcontinental Delivery

In addition to automobiles, the American Locomotive Company manufactured over 1,000 Alco trucks from 1909 to 1913. A cab-over-the engine design was universal on the Alco trucks, ranging from 2 to 6 tons. Maximum speed ranged from 8 mph for the heaviest Alco to 17 mph for the 2-ton Alco. Customers included Singer Sewing Machine Company, Gimbels, and Henry Kroger.


2-Ton Alco


3.5-Ton Alco


5-Ton Alco


6.5-Ton Alco


Alco made history in 1912 when a group of five men from the Charles W. Young Soap Company drove their 3.5-ton Alco 4,145 miles to record the first-ever transcontinental delivery by a truck. The group set out on June 20th from New York hauling a 3-ton payload of soap consigned to the Carlson Currier Company in Petaluna, California. Despite the absence of roads throughout their journey, the crew and truck made the trick in 91 days.


Sep 27 2019 DJ Rickard 12:32 AM

Can anyone tell me about the truck in the photo. My Great grandfater Chris Rickard and his son James Rickard.  C Rickard & Son trucking Bridgeport CT

Oct 02 2019 Brian D McCarthy 6:35 PM

That’s a great photo, DJ. I’m no expert,but going by the size and canopy over the top, I’d say this was a 5 Ton Alco.

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