May 17 2010

Aerials of the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills, Queens

Steve, this 1941 aerial shows the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills looking east. The photo is courtesy of the Fairchild Collection at the Benjamin and Gladys Thomas Air Photo Archives located in the UCLA Department of Geography.


An uncropped version of the aerial shows Union Turnpike in the middle of the photo. The location of your home should be seen on the far left of the photo.


Here is another aerial of Hollis Hills looking east taken on June 24,1938. The severe 90-degree curve of the Motor Parkway can be seen in the lower left section of the aerial. Note that Union Turnpike was still under construction and Francis Lewis Boulevard still has not been built. This aerial was found in the archives of the New York City Parks Department.


This is one of my favorite UCLA Fairchild aerials of the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills and Fresh Meadows. Taken on July 23, 1939 looking west, the World's Fair can be seen in the right corner of the photo.


Trylon and Perisphere of the 1939-1940 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

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