Mar 15 2010

George Vanderbilt Cup Race Tickets and Passes

Dave, your father likely used this ticket to attend the first George Vanderbilt Cup Race held at Roosevelt Raceway on October 12, 1936. The race was won by the great Italian Tazio Nuvolari, seen here receiving the huge trophy from Willie K's cousin, 22-year old George Vanderbilt III.


Over 70,000 tickets were printed for the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Accordingly, the ticket is a very nice piece of "Vanderbilia" which is often found on EBay. Depending on its condition, the ticket is valued between $50 to $150.


This is a rarer, complete ticket for the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Note the price for a club house box seat was $11, equivalent to $170 today.


Both the 1936 and 1937 tickets included a map showing the Roosevelt Raceway and its relation to major roads (Old Country Road, Whaleneck Avenue/Merrick Avenue, Long Island Motor Parkway and Stewart Avenue. Click on the image to enlarge the map.


Other collectibles from the George Vanderbilt Cup Races are badges which allowed the media, officials and drivers to go on the course. These 1936 badges were for a photographer and the press.


These 1937 badges were given to two drivers and a race official.

To experience these races, check out these newsreels:

1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Westbury, New York

1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Westbury, New York


Jul 27 2010 Peter James Morris 7:30 PM

I was in my early teens when my father got us, with my younger brother into the pits. We were close to Bernd Rosemeyer, and saw the race at waist level.

Aug 31 2010 sandy sherman 4:39 PM

I have a badge for the 1936 race held on Oct. 12th. It’s labled official and has a number 136 on it. It blonged to my aunt Eleanor Knapp.

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