Dec 28 2009

Then & Now: The Motor Parkway Office in Garden City

From 1915 to mid-1929, the first Long Island Motor Parkway Office was built in Garden City. In 1929, the small office was replaced by this attractive building which served as the office for General Manager Alfred Kienzle.


The office was located east of the the Motor Parkway Bridge over Clinton Road and about 50 yards west of the Garden City Lodge.


As seen in this December 24, 2009 photo, the building is still standing and is now a private residence.

Garden City Aerials




Jun 26 2015 james Christman 2:28 PM

Good Afternoon, I am looking for the aerial photo just West of this location, any ideas??

From Howard Kroplick

Hi James,

What street do you want featured?

Jun 29 2015 James Christman 3:15 PM

Howard, hope all is well. Looking for Kenwood Road, Washington Ave area.


Jun 30 2015 james christman 1:59 PM

V in photo stands for USN lighter than air, aircraft ( non blimp ). F designates bomber not fighter, may have been mapping from Mitchell Field

Jul 06 2015 james christman 9:07 AM

Howard, I am sure you are swamped with 1964 Mustang III requests, any ideas on photo of east garden city?


Jul 07 2015 Howard Kroplick 10:59 AM

James, two Garden City aerials (1933 and 1938) have been posted.



Jul 07 2015 james christman 3:04 PM

Howard, thanks for the help, just came back from Hofstra to view the Drennan collection. They have some great car crash photos. Picture of 1938 helps, just looking for just west of this photo ( blocks ! ) , any suggestions?
FYI, used to play on bridge in early 1970s on old courthouse road, and ride bikes down ( “old motor” ), as we called it, still had some paving at the time, and ran by golf course. Landscapers used to shoot at us with salt shot if we got on the greens!, there was a small lake and bamboo forest, quite adventuresome for a 6 year old.

Again, many thanks!


Jul 24 2015 james christman 3:44 PM

Howard, any suggestions on locating the aerial I am searching for?


From Howard Kroplick
What years are you looking for?

Jul 27 2015 james christman 9:54 AM

Howard, the 1938 time period, the picture supplied was great, just need the next shot to the east.



Jul 28 2015 James 1:44 PM

Sorry, WEST! of that picture

Aug 06 2015 James 11:38 AM

Howard, picture is most likely the next in the set of above labeled BTQ-4-17 photo.
Photo would be just west of this site.
Thanks in advance if you can locate.


Aug 25 2015 james 7:32 AM

Howard, any suggestions on where I may find this photo?

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