May 20 2009 Exclusive: A Vanderbilt Cup Race Winner for Sale

Have you always wanted to own a historic race car and a winner of the Vanderbilt Cup Race? No, the Alco-6 Black Beast Racer is not available. In a exclusive, the Darraqc that is believed to have won the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race with driver Louis Wagner is being offered for sale by its current owner, Anne Thomson of New Zealand.

The above 2006 photo was taken at Prescott, England where Anne Thomson won the Edwardian Hill Climb.The racer was restored by Wallace McNair of Straight 8 Restorations who has provided the following details on the car:

Anne Thomson has owned the car since 2003 and I restored it for her. Its history includes ownership by Malcom Campbell from 1910. It was his first Bluebird which he raced at Brooklands until 1913. The car underwent a number of modifications during this period to keep it competitive, including increasing the cylinder size from 170mm to 180mm. In 1914, it was sold to Neville Minchin and fitted with a four seat touring body, 4-speed Darracq gearbox ( from 1907) electric start and centrelock wire wheels. During its rebuild, it has been put back to its 1906 GP form but incorporates the mods carried out pre World War I.

This car is fully competitive and is road legal here in New Zealand. We took it to France in 2006 for the Centenary of the first French Grand Prix – which the car was built for and the Gendarmes timed Anne at 100mph down the main road going back to LeMans. It is a serious motor car!

As documented in the book Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island, the 1906 Darraqc is believed to be the first winner of a major race to receive a checkered flag at the finish.

If you would like more information, you call email Wallace McNair at [email protected] .


May 27 2009 Russell Jaslow 8:47 AM

How much would a car like this fetch?  I assume the pedigree of the car will demand a pretty high asking price more so than the age and collectibility of the car.

May 31 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:10 PM


Wallace McNair informed me that they are looking for $1 million for the 1906 Darracq.


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