Mar 17 2010

Amazing Photos from the Archives of the Nassau County Division of Museum Services

Last week I had the opportunity to review the photo archives of the Nassau County Division of Museum Services. These photos are just a sampling of the treasures that I found including this aerial of the Garden City Hotel, the headquarters for Vanderbilt Cup Races from 1904 to 1910.(Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.)


The #10 Renault driven by Ferenc Szisz during the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Referee William K.Vanderbilt Jr. can be seen standing to the right of the car.


Nassau Sheriff Frederick Gildersleeve (in rear seat) being driven to the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race in an air-cooled Corbin. Krug's Hotel in Mineola can be seen in the background.


Krug's Hotel at the intersection of Willis Avenue and Jericho Turnpike in Mineola in the 1920s. Note the trolley track and the spelling of "Jerico" on the street sign.


Walter Christie in the front-wheel drive Christie on Glen Cove Road in Old Westbury preparing for the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race. In this view looking north, there is not another car on the road.


#1 Thomas driven by Hubert Le Blon battling the #7 Mercedes driven by William Luttgen during the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race. This 1906 film captures Luttgen's Mercedes in action.


The great Tazio Nuvolariand his Alfa-Romeo team at the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Watch this newsreel to see how Nuvolari won the race.


The Meadow Brook Lodge located off Merrick Avenue in 1908. This was one of three original identical Motor Parkway toll lodges built in 1908 and one of the six toll lodges designed by the prominent architect John Russell Pope, who later designed the Jefferson Memorial.


Looking west, the Motor Parkway Bridge over the Northern State Parkway near New Hyde Parkway being dismantled in 1968. Lakeville Road can be seen in the background. This Motor Parkway Bridge was one of two bridges to cross the newly-built Northern State Parkway as commissioned by Robert Moses in the early 1930s.

Update: January 2, 2010: Fred Hadley has corrected the location of the bridge. The caption has been revised.


Mar 18 2010 Mark Dill 1:47 PM

Frederick Gildersleeve! It is great to see first names of some of these people that seem to have only been referred to by their professional titles and last names. Neat!

Mar 22 2010 Robert Luttgen 3:10 PM

Thank you Howard for your dedication in finding and preserving this part of our family’s history.  I look forward to your weekly updates.  It is always exciting to see racing photos (and now films!) of my Grandfather.

Mar 24 2010 Lynne Reinoso 8:15 PM

Thanks for posting the photo of Krug’s Corner.  I keep an eye on your wonderful website and am so appreciative of you for sharing your passion.

Mar 27 2010 Howard Kroplick 1:19 PM

HI Mark:

I have been trying to track down Sheriff Gildersleeve’s first name for 6 years!


Mar 27 2010 Howard Kroplick 1:20 PM

Hi Robert and Lynne:

Thanks for sharing your family’s Vanderbilt Cup Race heritage!


Mar 27 2010 guy 4:06 PM

Didn’t anyone else notice the prancing horse logo of Enzo Ferrari on the hood. Great shot of Nuvolari and his motley crew. Guy

Apr 25 2010 Maurice LeBlon 1:25 PM

As a relative of Hubert Leblon that you identified in the video I was wondering if you had more information on Hubert and his racing at the Vanderbilt Cup.  Is it possible to obtain a copy of this film for the LeBlon family?

We appreciate your posting the vintage film and including a note of a family member.  Uncle Hubert as he is known to us died in an airplane crash in 1910!  His love of racing took him to racing planes!  In one book referencing Hubert Leblon; it noted his wife as his mechanic

Apr 25 2010 Howard Kroplick 1:31 PM

Hi Maurice:

Always great to hear from a relative of the Vanderbilt Cup Race family. Here is a link to information on your relative Hubert Le Blon:

I will be sending you a copy of the film for your family archives.


Feb 17 2011 steve l 4:04 AM

Enzo Ferrari ran the racing team for Alfa hence the logo. always amazed that Alfa let him label their cars.Great site,thanks Howard.

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