Jul 02 2009

Hear and See the 1906 Broadway Musical “The Vanderbilt Cup”

Continuing last week's of the 1906 Broadway musical The Vanderbilt Cup" starring Elsie Janis, I have discovered music from the show on an original piano roll and placed it on the soundtrack of this six-minute film.

A January 17, 1906 review from the New York Times described the show as follows:


Provides Broadway with Exciting Mechanical Novelty.


Makes a Very Agreeable Impression in Her Transit from Vaudeville to Musical Comedy.

Elsie Janis, who can sing a song in a popular way,whose little toes are very nimble, and whose ambitions have finally led her from the vaudeville stage to musical comedy, made a satisfying transit at the Broadway Theatre last night, where she appeared for the first time in "The Vanderbilt Cup", a heterogeneous entertainment which needs no better description than that of Sidney Rosenfeld, who prepared it, and confessed before the curtain that his chief ingredients were a monkey-wrench and a can of gasoline.


Jul 05 2009 Howard Kroplick 9:33 PM

From Robert R:

LOVE the music, Howard! But the question is:  where did you find a player piano? Just terrific!

Jul 05 2009 Howard Kroplick 9:36 PM

Robert, I purchased a bunch of piano rolls that included the music from “The Vanderbilt Cup”.  There is a service that converts them to a CD if you allow them to be placed in a library and available on the Internet:


Jul 06 2009 RichR 12:00 PM

Now, all you need to do is find the lyrics!

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