Jan 20 2010

The Motor Parkway’s Petit Trianon at Lake Ronkonkoma

When the Long Island Motor Parkway route was completed to Lake Ronkonkoma in 1911, officials decided to build a first-class dining facility and half-way stop for travelers.William K. Vanderbilt Jr. once again commissioned architect John Russell Pope to design the Parkway Inn later renamed Petit Trianon.These two rare photos show the Petit Trianon under construction in early 1911.


In this photo, workers can be seen finishing the roof.The interior of the inn featured a large reception room suitable for weddings, balls and special events. Accomodations for spending a night or a weekend were available in the 30 bedrooms on the second floor.


On June 9, 1911, William K.Vanderbilt Jr. held a special dinner reception at the inn the night before its official opening.


The 1914 menu provided an extensive variety of food as expected by the high-end clientele of the inn. Note the filet mignon entree cost $1.00., the equivalent of $22 today

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