Oct 16 2010

From the Ron Ridolph Collection: Images of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Ron Ridolph has been exploring and enjoying the Motor Parkway for more than 70 years. In 1981, Ron walked the length of the road from Fresh Meadows to Lake Ronkonkoma. His resulting 532 photographs documented the Motor Parkway as it existed 29 years ago. Many of these photos will be posted on VanderbiltCupRaces.com over the next four months. Here are a few of Ron's gems:


The Wheeler Farmway Bridge in Queens was much more visible than today's view.


The Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success was completely intact and was a private home.


The Williston Park/East Williston LIRR Bridge before it was taken down.


The Roslyn Lodge in East Williston.


Motor Parkway pavement was still on the ground within the Links Golf Club in 1981.


Ron also documented the removal of the Motor Parkway LIRR bridges in both Mineola (right) and in Williston Park/East Williston.


The Garden City Lodge before it was relocated to the village of Garden City.


The remnants of the Botto Farmway Bridge located in a wooded area of Bethpage State Parkway. The concrete was removed years ago.


A rare photo of the embankments for a Motor Parkway bridge located in the sandpits west of Route 110 in Melville. Almost 100 years after being constructed, the embankments are still strong enough to support a hopper capable of holding 30 tons of sand.


The annex to the Petit Trianon in Lake Ronkonkoma that was also designed by John Russell Pope. The annex, which had been converted into a nursing home, was demolished in 2006.


The steps from Petit Trianon leading to Lake Ronkonkoma.

Thanks Ron for this great contribution to VanderbiltCupRaces.com!

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Congratulations to the Village of East Williston and Mayor Nancy Zolezzi on yesterday's dedication of a new Village Hall. Black Beast photos from the event will be posted next week.


Oct 18 2010 Dave Morrison 2:10 PM

Fascinating history - wonderful photos.

Oct 19 2010 Tom 11:20 AM

Yes, terrific. thanks

Oct 19 2010 Art K. 7:21 PM

Can’t wait to see the other 525 or so!  Great collection.

Nov 01 2010 harry 6:37 PM

My grandparents owned the annex building park lake resthome

Nov 10 2010 Howard Kroplick 11:54 PM

Hi Harry:

Here is a link to images of your grandparents’ building:


Apr 10 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:18 PM

From Sam Berliner III:

“I must take issue there; by the time Ron took that photo, the lodge had been heavily modified and incorporated in the larger, two-story structure pictured (which then became the basis for the “mini-mansion” now extant).”

Jan 21 2020 Brian D McCarthy 5:35 PM

The latest Mystery Foto #3   01/17/2020 - The Links Golf Course’s Private opening on the Motor Parkway in Searingtown - has made me to come to realize that the image above - Motor Parkway pavement was still on the ground within Wheatley Hills Golf Club in 1981 - isn’t captioned correctly. Above image matches the same curved road/path ( not LIMP ) and clubhouse in The Links.

Howard Kroplick
Brian, you are 100% correct. The caption has been changes.








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