Jun 27 2009

Then & Now: The Hairpin Turn in Old Westbury

One of the most exciting vantage points for the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race was the Hairpin Turn at Wheatley Road and Old Westbury Road. Over 3,000 spectators crowded this Old Westbury turn named because its contour was reminiscent of the bend of a hairpin.

In the above photo, Felice Nazzaro is seen driving his 120-horsepower FIAT perilously close to the crowd a this turn. The Italian star was the fastest car on both laps #8 and 9 of the 10 lap race, but suffered tire failures and finished in sixth place.


Here is a view of the Hairpin Turn in Old Westbury as it looks today. Note the beautiful house at the corner of the Hairpin Turn in 1906 remains standing- one of the few Vanderbilt Cup Race landmarks that has survived over the century.

The action at the Hairpin Turn was also captured in this film of the 1906 race. More "Then and Now" images can be found in this 2-minute film.


Jun 30 2009 Mark Dill 4:47 PM

Interesting series, Howard.

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