Jan 24 2009

The Alco-6 Racer Gets Fired Up

On Saturday, January 24, 2009, the restored Alco-6 Black Beast Racer was fired up for the first time since its return to the United States.

The first clip of the following two minute video below shows the racer after it cleared US Customs at a New Jersey warehouse. In the second clip, Walter McCarthy and friends start the engine at its current home in Roslyn. Watch the flames coming out of the Black Beast's exhaust pipes!


Jan 24 2009 Walter McCarthy 9:00 PM

Next time we will have to remember to bring the marshmallows!  Good luck with the car! Regards, Walter

Jan 25 2009 Richard Motycka 6:56 PM


Nice work!  Congratulations.

Now about that name:  Bete Noir should have a circumflex, not an acute accent, over the first “e,” i.e.,  bĂȘte noir. 

Votre cher amis,


Jan 25 2009 John Cuocco 7:48 PM

Great JOB!!  “ALIVE SHE’S ALIVE” I"m very excited for you. Congratulations are in order… John

Jan 25 2009 Manny Souza 8:13 PM


Now there are 3 Alcos on Long Island. Did you
know that a 1908 exists in Massachusetts? Yes,
it is my car. There is one also in Florida, a
1913. Once again, congratulations.
My name is Manny and my number is 561-798-1272.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Jan 25 2009 Howard Kroplick 8:29 PM

Comment from Cliff Manley, Southport Old, Australia:

Amazing car, this video underlines how similar today’s racers are to the pioneers of racing a century ago… noise, flame, smoke, power… some things never change…. wink

Jan 25 2009 Howard Kroplick 8:32 PM

Comment from Richard R, East Hills, New York:

OK…Gentlemen: Start your engines!! Ready to put’er in gear..and let’s get rolling. Very exciting!


Jan 25 2009 Glenn Miller 9:31 PM

Outstanding Howard!!!  Glad to see “the Beast” made it home in good order.  She sounds fantastic.

Jan 25 2009 Howard Kroplick 11:20 PM

Comment from Tony De Seta:

Hello Howard,

What an exciting automobile! They called them fire breathing beasts back then,with good reason.
I can still remember like it was yesteday,when I had the good fortune to be at Hershey in the early 1980s when the Old #16 was being shown. I was right there when they fired her up for the drive off the judging area. I would love to see that big ALCO Vanderbilt Cup winner!

Best Regards,

Tony De Seta
Spring Grove,PA

Jan 25 2009 Howard Kroplick 11:22 PM

Comment from Robert R.:



Cannot believe it actually has an on-board starter.

Thanks, Howard.


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