Dec 19 2009

Starting Lineup: The 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

These 19 cars competed in the second Vanderbilt Cup Race held on October 14, 1905 won by the #18 Darracq driven by Victor Hemery. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge the image:


#1 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Camille Jenatzy, 120 HP. Finished 15th. Cracked cylinder during Lap 4.


#2 De Dietrich (France) by Arthur Duray, 130 HP. Finished 9th Running in Lap 8 when race was called. Averaged 55.0 mph.


#3 Pope-Toledo (USA) driven by Bert Dingley, 60 HP. Finished 12th. Broke cylinder, made repairs and was running in Lap 6 when race was stopped .


#4 Fiat (Italy) driven by Vincenzo Lancia, 120 HP. Finished 4th. Fortunes of race changed when Lancia collided with Christie who was only on Lap 4 at I.U. Willets Road at Michelin Tire Station in Albertson. Broke rear wheel. Delayed 30 minutes and lost by 24 minutes and 23 seconds.


#5 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Foxhall Keene and mechanician William Luttgen, 120 HP. Finished 11th. Skidded into telegraph pole at S curve at Willis Avenue and broke wheel during Lap 6. Pole was owned by his father's company.


#6 Darracq (France) driven by Louis Wagner, 80 HP. Finished 16th.Lost gear box covers, bearings seized during Lap 4 at Bull's Head Hotel in Greenvale.


#7 Locomobile (USA) driven by Joe Tracy, 90 HP. Finished 3rd. First American car to ever place in an international race. Beat Lancia by 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Averaged 56.9 mph.


#8 Fiat (Italy) driven by Felice Nazzaro, 120 HP. Finished 6th. Still running in Lap #9 when race was called. Averaged 58.2 mph.


#9 Mercedes (Germany) driven by John Warden, 120 HP. Finished 8th. Still running in Lap #9 when race was called. Rear wheel running on rim. Best performance of German team. Averaged 47.3 mph.


#10 Renault (France) driven by Francois Szisz, 90 HP. Finished 5th. Still runing in Lap 10 when race was called. Averaged 55.7 mph.


#11 Christie (USA) driven by Walter Christie, 60 HP. Finished 17th. Collided with Lancia who was on Lap 8 pulling out of the Michelin tire station on IU Willets Road in Albertson and broke both wheels during Lap 4. Turned into a ditch to avoid Lancia.


#12 Fiat (Italy) driven by Emanuel Cedrino. 90 HP. Finished 18th. Damaged steering gear during Lap 3 after hitting telegraph pole in Lakeville.


#X Mercedes (Germany) driven by Albert Campbell, 120 HP. Finished 18th. "Unlucky" 13th car to start race. Gasoline tank fell off during Lap #2. Only car to run in Vanderbilt Cup Races without a number.


#14 Panhard (France) driven by George Heath. 120 HP. Driver was 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race winner. Finished 2nd. Lost by 3 minutes and 32 seconds. Averaged 60.7 mph.


#15 Pope-Toledo (USA) driven by Herb Lytle. 90 HP. Finished 14th. Broke cylinder, made repairs and was running in Lap 6 when race was stopped.


#16 Fiat (Italy) driven by Louis Chevrolet. 90 HP. Finished 10th. Ran into telegraph pole at the S curve at Willis Avenue and broke front wheel and bent front axle during Lap 7.


#18 Darracq (France) driven by Victor Hemery. 80 HP. Finished 1st. Hemery received $12,000 from Darracq and tire manufacturers for winning. Averaged 61.5 mph.


#19 White Steamer (USA) driven by Walter White. 40 HP. Finished 13th. Tire and engine problems during Lap 5 when race was called. Running without front left tire which came off at Guinea Woods Turn. This steam car was the only non-gasoline-powered car to ever compete in the Vanderbilt Cup Races.


#20 Fiat (Italy) driven by Paul Sartori. 90 HP. Finished 7th.Broke crankshaft during Lap 9 .

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Dec 23 2009 Stephen v. Behr 6:11 PM

Perhaps someone should tell the present day Chrysler that a FIAT driven by Louis Chevrolet was in this event!  A marketing program for the Fiat 500?

Dec 31 2009 Howard Kroplick 5:36 PM


Fiat had a presence in the Vanderbilt Cup Races since the first race in 1904 when it had two entries.


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