Aug 02 2010

Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway License Plates

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Apr 18 2011 Al Velocci 3:22 PM

Howard, With respect to the Motor Parkway plates issued to William K Vanderbilt Jr., records at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport indicate plates bearing #100 were first issued to him in 1924. Between 1924 and 1927 he would order four plates with that # every year. Starting in 1928 and at least through 1933 he would order eleven #100 plates every year. In 1935 even Vanderbilt was feeling the effects of the Depression as as he scaled back his order to just ten plates that year. Only two #100 plates are known to exist, both issued in 1937. One is at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and the other in private hands. By the way, #200 was issued to his attorney, Henry B. Anderson, #300 to Vanderbilt’s brother Harold and #400 to Vanderbilt’s daughter, Muriel. As to the #1 plate, I’m surprised that more examples haven’t surfaced. Between 1922 and 1937 approximately sixty #1 plates were issued to Grier.

Apr 23 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:36 PM

Hi Al:

Thanks for the information!


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