Nov 01 2010

Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- Bethpage (Central Park)

Index to posts related to the Long Island Motor Parkway in Bethpage (Central Park) (Updated: October 31, 2011)

Long Island Motor Parkway Ground-Breaking Ceremony (June 6, 1908)

A Postcard View from a Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge

Historic Motor Parkway Sites in Bethpage

The Motor Parkway House

The Bethpage Toll Lodge (1908-1960)

The Two Deadman’s Curves in Bethpage (Central Park)

From the Noel Gish Collection: Postcards of the Vanderbilt Cup Races & Long Island Motor Parkway

A Postcard from a Motor Parkway Worker

The LIMP Bridge over Stewart Avenue in Bethpage

Rare 1930s Photos of Two Motor Parkway Bridge Accidents

Bethpage Plainview Road Curve on the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

The Bethpage Challenge Part IV: A Few More Gems From Deadman’s Curve

The Bethpage Challenge Part III: The Second Deadman’s Curve

The Bethpage Challenge Part II: Building the Central Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge

The Bethpage Challenge Part I: Documenting the Second Deadman’s Curve

Aerial Views of the Motor Parkway in Bethpage

Then & Now: The Motor Parkway Farmway Bridge in Bethpage State Park

Then & Now: Central Park (Bethpage)

Then & Now: The Jerusalem Road (Stewart Avenue) Motor Parkway Bridge in Bethpage


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