Sep 01 2010

In Search of Alcos: #1 Alco-6 Black Beast Racer Archives

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Sep 17 2009 BOB VALENTINE 11:42 AM

Upon driving on Jericho tpk I spotted an old black car in a repair shop with an unusual space between the engine and rear end.  I was unaware that you had a problem but stuff happens when you use an old machine and dont just park it and look at it.  I hope that the stay in the auto hospital is not a long one. I talked with one of those working on it, knew his father, and it appears you brought it to the right place.  Best of luck.


Sep 20 2009 Howard Kroplick 2:16 PM

Hi Bob:

Good eyes. That is the Black Beast.

We are making some repairs to the transmission and water pump. All should be well in another week.



Dec 04 2009 Gerald Rokoff 3:52 PM

More photos of your beautiful wife please.

Jan 23 2011 rich~gr grandson of frank h lee 6:33 PM

howard, the car looks great ,especially since all other photos i’ve ever seen were in black and white,if you ever need a mechanic to sit in the other side i’d me more than happy to oblige, but note, im not a mechanic but if nothing else i could fill the empty seat in place of my great grand father,lol. lets face it,i just wanna sit in the car that my ggf sat in ,in the first indianapolis 500. and possibly get a picture.

Mar 29 2011 Howard Kroplick 8:20 AM

Hi Rich:

If you are ever on Long Island, please give me a call at 1-516-625-0123 !



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