Mar 08 2011

Film “The 1954 Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally” with Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

Sam Berliner III, the esteemed convenor of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel, has forwarded this film gem on the first Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally held in Great Britain in 1954. The American team was led by Henry Austin Clark, Jr.:


Check out these vintage cars identified in the film and scenes of Henry Austin Clark, Jr. having a grand old time:

00:44.56: 1913 Lozier

01:01.64: 1906 Stanley Steamer

01:29.44: 1906 Ford Model K

02:06.64: 1916 Pierce-Arrow driven by Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

02:35.00: 1939 Lozier

02:42.00: Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

02:45.00: 1913 Lanchester

02:48.00: 1906 Ford Model K

03:23.00: 1906 Stanley Steamer

03:37.00: 1923 Kissel Speedster

05:11.00: 1919 Stutz

05:18.00: 1921 Mercer

06:22.00 1918 Biddle Model K Speedway Special

07:38.00 1916 Pierce-Arrow driven by Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

10:05.00: 1914 Simplex

10:27.00: Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

12:10.00: 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Click on the car to play the film:

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Mar 13 2011 Howard Kroplick 11:32 AM

From Margaret:

Howard,  Thank you such wonderful reading. As Austin was a personal friend, George and I enjoyed the Anglo/British 1954 Rally.  Thank you.

Mar 13 2011 GENE KENNEDY 5:06 PM


Mar 13 2011 steve lambert 6:17 PM

most enjoyable piece.It’s funny seeing “old"cars that at the time were only 30 or 40 years old. And being driven!

Mar 13 2011 Howard Kroplick 8:23 PM

From Guy Frost:

“Thanks for keeping Austie “alive”. He was co-chair of Chowder for many years before his demise
and will always be remembered as the life of that party and the host of many others. Guy

Mar 14 2011 Sarah Carr 2:03 PM

What a joy to see Tony Koveleski’s Stutz Bearcat in two of the scenes!  It certainly brought back memories….

Mar 20 2011 QCMC 12:33 PM

Wonderful movie which indeed brings back memories of interesting people and outstanding cars. As noted above by Sarah Carr, the Stutz is that of Tony Kovaleski of Scranton, Pa., and is a 1914. Tony was one of the truly wonderful antique car enthusiasts and his name was synonymous with the Stutz Bearcat. The 1954 program lists a 1919 Stutz owned by Clarence Ray of Sunnyvale, Ca., so one can only assume that there was a last minute switch. The car identified by the announcer as a 1921 Mercer is, of course, Ralph Buckley in his well known 1914 Raceabout which is correctly identified in the program brochure. Ralph did participate in the 1957 Anglo-American in his 1922 Mercer Raceabout. Sam Bailey’s 1914 Simplex with the replica speedster and the same car he ran in the 1957 event is now in the Collier Collection in Naples, Fl.

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