Apr 21 2011

Art Kleiner’s Exploration #1: The Motor Parkway near Colonial Springs Road in Wheatley Heights

Art Kleiner, a member of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society, is one of the best chroniclers of our favorite historic road. In November 2010, Art explored and found remnants of the Motor Parkway near Colonial Springs Road in Wheatley Heights. Here is a summary of his findings posted on Art's Long Island Motor Parkway website



Art reported his discussion with Miguel who owns a home bordering on the Motor Parkway right-of-way:




Art K.: "Directly on the south side of Colonial Springs Road is a house with many posts on the property (I've circled the area in red above). As I mentioned there are no streets there today, so as the article states above the cemetery must have obtained the property and done away with the subdivision (all except for what was owned by the local power company whose high tension wire is shown below). On a recent exploration of the area in Nov. of 2010, I introduced myself to the family living in the house and explained my interest. Miguel was very friendly and was very interested in the Motor Parkway, having lived there for over 25 years but not knowing about the historical significance of the posts. Miguel showed me around his property and pointed out the many posts which he agreed I could include on this page. A very special thank you to Miguel and his family for being so hospitable. The posts run from one end of Miguel's property to the other and then continue along Colonial Springs Road before the Parkway turned south as shown in the map above."



A 1930 aerial of the Motor Parkway in the area researched by Art K in Wheatley Hills. Note: Pinelawn Cemetery can be seen in the lower left corner before it became the Long Island National Cemetery in 1936.

Thanks Art and Miguel!

Please respect private property whenever exploring the Long Island Motor Parkway.

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Apr 24 2011 Art 6:41 AM

Thanks for posting Howard.  The three pics in the middle don’t seem to be opening for me, however.

Apr 24 2011 Howard Kroplick 3:48 PM

Hi Art:

Glitch is fixed.


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