May 11 2011

Art Kleiner’s Exploration #3: The Motor Parkway West of Bagatelle Road in Wheatley Heights

As noted last week, Art Kleiner is one of the current bravest explorers of the Long Island Motor Parkway. There is not a forest, thorn patch or hill that will stop Art from finding remnants of the Motor Parkway. Here are his recent findings from trips west of Bagatelle Road in the area known as Dix Hills, Melville, Half-Hollow Hills and Wheatley Hills depending on your map.

West Side of Bagatelle Road




Art Kleiner: "On the west side of Bagatelle, I entered the area a little further south, where the LIPA tower lines intersect Bagatelle, across from Sorrel Hill Court. Walking up the hill and then left and right (south and north) is where the Parkway traveled. There is still a good amount of roadway evident behind a wooden fence which is south from where I entered and posts in the woods going north. The pics I've sent named "West of Bagatelle" show this part of the roadway as it traveled sandwiched between Bagatelle and Farmington Lane (the pavement is a little to the south).


I pinpointed the route using On some maps this area is shown as Butterfly Park."

"I wouldn't recommend hiking the east side of Bagatelle as it was pretty rough getting through the thorn bushes, downed trees, etc. The west side was a bit easier. But I needed to do it now before the nice weather really gets the brush growing an travel would be impossible."

Thanks Artl! For more information and images of the Motor Parkway located west of Bagatelle Road, visit Art's Long Island Motor Parkway Site.

Please remember to respect private property whenever exploring the Long Island Motor Parkway.

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