Jul 20 2019

Newsday, November 15, 1951: Motor Parkway Pioneered U.S. Auto Travel

Thirteen years after the Motor Parkway closed, Helen Dudar wrote this article on our favorite parkway for the November 15, 1951 issue of Newsday.


Howard Kroplick


In 1911, the Motor Parkway was approximately 40 miles long.



Initially, in many sections, the road was only 16 feet long. Three-foot concrete extensions were added in the late 1920s to make the width 22 feet.




Only 60 Motor Parkway bridges have been documented on VanderbiltCupRaces.com.


The Petit Trianon Inn was not a replica of the Parisian building.


A 40 MPH speed limit was eventually place on the Motor Parkway.


There were no loops built on the Motor Parkway.


There were 20 toll collection structures built for the Motor Parkway from 1908 to 1928.


The Motor Parkway closed in 1938.

A rare view of the Motor Parkway looking east with the Mitchel Gardens housing complex associated with Mitchel Field on the right.