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Mar 06   Hemmings Blog: Tupelo Automobile Museum to close, sell off collection including Tucker 1028

Mar 05   A Historical Fiction Novel of Consuelo Vanderbilt: American Duchess by Karen Harper

Mar 04   Update- Mystery Foto #9 Solved: The Northern State Parkway Gateway in 1933

Mar 02   Hemmings Blog: Forgotten TDX coupe showed a frameless fiberglassed future

Feb 27   Two Videos from the Tucker 1044 Open House

Feb 26   Updated: Highlights from Sunday’s Amazing Tucker 1044 Open House

Feb 25   Mystery Foto # 8 Solved: The 1966 TDX Plastic Car Created and Built on Long Island

Feb 23   Kings Point Automotive Club Hosts A Wonderful Long Island Car Council Meeting

Feb 21   Roslyn Landmark Society in the News (Updated: 2/21/2019)

Feb 19   Henry Austin Clark, Jr.‘s 1974 Photos of the Alco Black Beast

Feb 18   Mystery Foto #7 Solved: Two Pegaso Z-102s Parked at the 1953 Bridgehampton Races

Feb 16   Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album: The Surveyors of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Feb 13   Jerry Helck: Anyone Here Ever Seen A Vanderbilt Cup Race?

Feb 12   Profile Series: Tucker 1009- The Award-Winning Grey Tucker Owned By George Lucas

Feb 11   Mystery Foto #6 Solved: A Rare Long Island Motor Parkway Paycheck

Feb 09   Tucker Topics: The 40 Most Memorable Moments from the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Feb 06   Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album: The Construction of the Jerusalem Road Motor Parkway Bridge

Feb 05   Japlopnik Video: Car vs. America-Tucker 48: The Car Too Good For Detroit

Feb 04   Mystery Foto #5 Solved:Briggs Cunningham Driving His 1914 Mercedes Grand Prix Car at Sebring (1959)

Feb 02   The Alco “White Beast” in 1909

Feb 02   My Second Most Favorite Concept Automobile-The Mars Rover Concept Vehicle

Jan 31   Newsday: Trust for the Public Land: Planned trails would run length of Long Island

Jan 29   The Fine Art of Photographer Jerry Keefer: The Tucker 1044

Jan 28   Mystery Foto #4 Solved: Looking North on Merrick Avenue and Stewart Avenue in 1944

Jan 26   From the Pau Thesis: The Dunlop Advertising Campaign After the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Jan 25   The 2019 Long Island Car Club Council Meeting, Kings Point, NY

Jan 23   One of the Three Known Existing 1963 Pre-Production Mustangs Sold for $192,500 by Barrett-Jackson

Jan 22 Exclusive: From the Archives of Mechanician Emilio Jandelli

Jan 21   Mystery Foto #3 Stumper: A Kings Point Callister Brothers Bus Built in Queens Village (Circa 1930s)

Jan 19   Hold the Date: Tucker 1044 Open House on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jan 18   Video: Restored Tucker 1040 Sold for $1.45 Million at RM Auctions

Jan 17   Hemmings Classic Car: AACA Museum, Inc. to present “Tucker-How it All Began”

Jan 16   Updated: Then & Now: Mineola LIRR Motor Parkway Bridge

Jan 14   Mystery Foto #2 Solved: Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Owner of Paul Sartori’s FIAT

Jan 12   Then & Now: The First Long Island Offices of the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc.

Jan 11   Roslyn News: A Day with the Vanderbilts

Jan 09   Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album: The Jericho Toll Lodge (Kiosk) in Mineola

Jan 08   From the Simeone Foundation: A Peter Helck Sketch of Two Vanderbilt Cup Race Winners

Jan 07   Mystery Foto #1 Solved: Locust Grove Section of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

Jan 05   Updated: 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives

Jan 04   Roslyn Grist Mill Mystery Automobiles

Jan 02   Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album:The Motor Parkway Engineering Field Offices & a Worker Shanty

Jan 01   Long Island Motor Parkway Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives

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