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Jul 28   HemmingsDaily: Auto renderings exhibit to focus on early Tucker designs

Jul 25   RM Sotheby’s to Auction Tucker 1046 at Monterey on August 24, 2018

Jul 24   On the Road to Pebble: John Tucker, Jr. Delivers the Restored Tucker 1044 Radio

Jul 23   Update2:Mystery Foto #29 Solved:A 1936 Aerial of Mitchel Field,Roosevelt Raceway & the Motor Parkway

Jul 21   Helck Family Collection: Peter Helck Recalls the Greatest Vintage Car Event in Long Island’s History

Jul 18   Update #3: Mystery Foto #28 Reveals Another Piece of Long Island History in Garden City

Jul 17   On the Road to Pebble: The Unique Tucker Cyclops Headlight

Jul 16   Update #3: Mystery Foto #28 Solved: A 1931 Aerial of the Motor Parkway in Garden City and Mineola

Jul 14   Favorite Website: NYCityMap - New York City’s Online Map and Aerial Portal

Jul 14   Update #1: Seven Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Members Help to Preserve a Town Landmark

Jul 13   Art Student Jaron E. Newton Awarded the Second Peter Helck Scholarship in Realism

Jul 11   Vanderbilia: The Old 16 Locomobile Spoon

Jul 09   Update#2:Mystery Foto #27 Solved : A 1935 Hudson Special Eight in Front of the Roslyn Mill Tea House

Jul 07   On the Road to Pebble: The First Video of the Newly Painted Tucker 1044

Jul 05   Newsday: Long Island historians come together to preserve region’s history

Jul 04   When 1909 Alco “White Beast”  Raced on July 4th at Indy

Jul 03   Twenty Years Ago, the Alco Black Beast Reached 95 MPH in England

Jul 02   Mystery Friday Foto #26: A 2003 “Now” Foto on the Meadow Brook Lodge Entrance Right-Of-Way

Jun 30   Updated: On the Road to Pebble: Tucker 1948 License Plate 44 Finds Tucker 1044

Jun 27   Cradle of Aviation Archives: Hangars and Aircraft of Roosevelt Field Along Clinton Avenue

Jun 26   Smiles & Thumbs Ups at the Port Washington “Wheels Through Time” Antique Car Hill Climb & Car Show

Jun 25   Mystery Sunday Foto #25 Solved:  A 1954 Aerial View of “Salisbury Park” in East Meadow

Jun 23   Take a Test Ride In the Alco Black Beast

Jun 21   Automobile Magazine: Saving Preston’s Tucker

Jun 20   Ham Plans for the Upcoming 110th Anniversary of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Jun 19   The Tradition of Revelry Before the Saturday Starts of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Jun 18   Updated: Mystery Postcard Foto #24 Solved: The Massapequa-Hicksville Road Bridge Under Construction

Jun 16   Off-Topic: My Day at the U.S. Open at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Jun 12   Six More Mustangs from the AACA Museum Exhibit

Jun 11   Mystery Foto #23 Solved: A Caproni CA-5 Taking Off at Hazelhurst Field in September 1918

Jun 09   Updated: Cradle of Aviation Archives: Willie K’s Sikorsky S-43 Seaplane at Roosevelt Field

Jun 06   Autoweek Magazine: This one-off 1937 Chrysler Imperial town car hides a spring-loaded secret

Jun 05   Chrysler’s Chrysler Honored at the AACA Grand National Meet

Jun 04   Mystery Foto #22 Solved: A 1955 Aerial View of the Motor Parkway Surrounding Commack Road

Jun 02   1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part IV: What You Get When You Buy a Tucker Franchise

May 30   Film of the Week: Great Cars- Tucker

May 29   Up Close: The 1963 Mustang II Concept Car

May 28   Mystery Foto #21 Maybe Solved: The Clinton Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge Under Construction in 1909?

May 26   Correcting the Vanderbilt Cup Race Record of Washington Augustus Roebling II

May 23   1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part III: The Plant, Indy Track Testing and the Executive Team

May 22 Exclusive: From the Lodgekeeper’s Family Archives-The Garden City Lodge

May 21   Mystery Foto #20 Solved: A Fedco Vehicle Number Plate for a 1926 Chrysler Model G70-6

May 19   Updated: 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car a Big Hit at the AACA Museum Exhibit Opening Reception

May 16   Video/Film of the Week: Classic Bridgehampton Racing

May 15   Profile Series: Tucker 1007- The Metallic Blue Tucker at the LeMay Collections in Tacoma

May 14   Mystery Foto #19 Solved: The Motor Parkway East of Clinton Road, Garden City in the 1950s

May 12   The Residence of the Starter of Five Vanderbilt Cup Races Rediscovered in Smithtown

May 09   Vanderbilia: The Long Island Motor Parkway Toll Ticket

May 08   The Special Tucker ‘48 Ad in the 1948 Indy 500 Race Program

May 07   Mystery Foto#18 Solved:A 1951 View of the LIRR Motor Parkway Bridge from the New York State Archives

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