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Oct 21   Remnants of Long Island Motor Parkway Discovered in Queens

Oct 20   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #57: Wellwood Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Melville

Oct 19   Mystery Foto #42 Solved: The Vehicles and Many Cool Things in this 1908 Freeport Garage Photo

Oct 17   The 2014 Annual Ford Employee Product Development Center Car and Truck Show

Oct 16   9 Car Shows on Long Island Today &  the 1937 Chrysler’s Chrysler in West Orange, NJ

Oct 15   Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Adventure” VI: Garden City

Oct 14   Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Adventure” V: East Williston to Mineola

Oct 13   Highlights from the 11th Annual Americana Manhasset Concours d’Elegance Updated: 11/2/15

Oct 13   Mystery Foto #41 Solved: The 1905 Premier Racer That Was Not Allowed to Run in the American Trial

Oct 10   Henry Austin Clark, Jr: “Why Save Old Cars?”

Oct 09   Five Car Shows on Long Island This Sunday including the 1963 Mustang III at Americana Manhasset

Oct 07   A 1910 Blueprint of Two Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges in Commack & Brentwood

Oct 06   Chrysler’s Chrysler Then & Now: Pre-& Post-Restoration

Oct 05   Mystery Foto #40 Solved: The 73rd Street Motor Parkway Bridge in 1927 Looking East

Oct 03   The Spectacular Automobiles of the Hemmings Motor News Concours d’Elegance

Oct 02   This Sunday’s Three Scheduled Automotive Events on Long Island

Sep 29 Mrs. Chrysler’s Chrysler Takes Best in Show at Hemmings Concours

Sep 28   Mystery Foto #39 Solved: George Robertson Promoting the New Roosevelt Raceway in June 1936

Sep 27   A Special Hamptons Evening:“A Tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr & the Long Island Automotive Museum”

Sep 26   Anatomy of a Peter Helck Painting: Bulls Head Turn

Sep 25   Six Car Shows on Long Island Today & Chrysler’s Chrysler at Hemmings Concours in Saratoga

Sep 23 Film: Walter P. Chrysler: A Machinist Visionary

Sep 22   Inside the Restoration of the Mustang III Concept Show Car (2011-2013)

Sep 21   Mystery Foto #38 Solved:Roosevelt Raceway, Meadow Brook Polo Field & Roosevelt Field Updated 1/24/16

Sep 17   This Sunday’s Seven Car Shows on Long Island & Highlights from the Vanderbilt Museum Car Show

Sep 16   A 1926 Map of the Motor Parkway Acreage in Brentwood

Sep 15   Willie K’s Cars #7: 1928 Lincoln Model L Town Car Built for his Wife Rosamund & A Music Video

Sep 15   Mystery Foto #37 Solved: Futurity Handicap Race at Sheepshead Bay Speedway Held on June 1, 1918

Sep 12   Film and Photos: The 1905 Ormond-Daytona Beach Automobile Races

Sep 11   Chrysler’s Chrysler Returns to the Vanderbilt Museum on Sunday & Today’s Seven Car Shows

Sep 09   Chrysler’s Chrysler Returns to the Vanderbilt Museum on Sunday

Sep 08   Highlights from the Sunday in the Park Concours d’Elegance at Lime Rock Track

Sep 07   Mystery Foto #36 Solved: The Opening Day of Mineola’s Corpus Christi School, Formerly Grave’s Garage

Sep 05   Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Adventure” IV: Albertson to East Williston

Sep 04   See Chrysler’s Chrysler at Lime Rock on Sunday & Four Long Island Car Shows This Weekend

Sep 02 Profile of Driver Harry Grant

Sep 01 Profile: 1937 Chrysler Imperial C-15 Town Car

Aug 31   Mystery Foto/Illustration Solved #35: Wille K in his 1903 Mercedes Seeking “Other Worlds to Conquer”

Aug 29   The William K. Vanderbilt Jr. One-Mile Land Speed Record Trophy

Aug 28   Smiles & Thumbs Ups from the Port Jefferson Hill Climb & This Sunday’s Four Car Shows

Aug 26   Highlights from the 2015 Port Jefferson Hill Climb (Updated 8/28/15)

Aug 25   Video: The Alco Black Beast Conquers the Port Jefferson Hill Climb

Aug 25   Mystery Foto #34 Solved: The Long Island Motor Parkway in East Meadow Looking East From Merrick Ave.

Aug 22   Detroit News and Detroit Free Press (1965): The Recovery of the Stolen Mustang III

Aug 21   Update: The Alco Black Beast Conquers the Port Jefferson Hill Climb!

Aug 19   Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series #56: The Ruland Road Parkway Bridge in Melville

Aug 18   Highlights from the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Aug 18   Mystery Foto #33 Solved: Kaiserzinn Inkstand of a Lorraine-Dietrich Racing Car Circa 1907 Updated

Aug 16   Profile- 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car: The Oldest Mustang on the Road Today

Aug 14   The Kings of the Ford Custom Car Caravan

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