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Apr 08 Forum #8 -Saturday, April 9, 2011 (News, Comments, Feedback & Events)

Apr 07   Central Park Historical Society Press Release: April Presentation on the Long Island Motor Parkway

Apr 06 Helps Solve an Old Oldsmobile Photo Mystery in the Lansing State Journal

Apr 05   The Story of the “Four” Brentwood Toll Lodges (1911-1934)

Apr 04   Article “The Mercedes of Willie K” by Jean-Yves Lassaux

Apr 02   Then & Now: The Vanderbilt Cup Race Grandstands & Press Boxes in Westbury

Apr 01 Sets New Monthly Viewership Record: March 2011 Highlights and Blog Archives

Mar 31 Exclusive:  Images of The Last Brentwood Lodge & the Commack Spur Road

Mar 31   Peter Helck’s Packard Gray Wolf Cover Painting for The Packard Cormorant

Mar 29   In Search of Alcos: #7 1912 Alco Touring Car Owned By Andy Oldman

Mar 28   For the Dingley Family: Part II-  Bert Dingley and the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Mar 28   Article License Plates of LIMP -Velocci

Mar 26   For the Dingley Family: Part I-  Bert Dingley and the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Mar 25 Forum #7 -Saturday, March 26, 2011 (Links, Comments and Insights)

Mar 24   The Lakeville Road Motor Parkway Bridge in Lake Success

Mar 23   Suffolk County Airmap 1930 Aerial Survey #1: Ronkonkoma

Mar 22   Newly Discovered Photos of Motor Parkway Bridges and Willie K’s Guest Lodge in Lake Success

Mar 21   In Search of Alcos: #6 1912 Alco Touring Car at Fondation Berliet, Lyon France

Mar 19   Then & Now: Bulls Head Hotel on Northern Boulevard and Glen Cove Road in Greenvale

Mar 17   Favorite Website: An Automotive Photography Magazine

Mar 16   Film: Thomas Edison’s “Automobile Parade” in New York City Held on November 4, 1899

Mar 15   In Search of Alcos: #5 1912 Alco 7-Passenger Touring Car at the Nethercutt Collection

Mar 14   What A Difference a Century Makes: Statistics from 1910

Mar 12   Direct from Stuggart: The Two “Oldest Surviving” Mercedes Automobile

Mar 11 LCI #5 (Links, Comments, and Insights)

Mar 10   Presentation “The Long Island Motor Parkway, the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race and Central Park”

Mar 09   In Search of Alcos:  #4 1913 Alco Convertible Touring Car Formerly at the Milhous Museum

Mar 08   Film “The 1954 Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally” with Henry Austin Clark, Jr.

Mar 07   Rare Image Series #3: Louis Chevrolet- The Most Famous “Name” in the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Mar 05   Pioneer Harriet Quimby’s Exciting Ride in a Racing Motor-Car in October 1906

Mar 04   Update #1: Damage to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration Motor Parkway Bridge

Mar 03   Can You Identify This Mystery Long Island Mercedes?

Mar 02   Japanese Television Film “Vanderbilt Cup Races & The Alco Black Beast”

Mar 01   Highlights and Blog Archives for February 2011

Mar 01   Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- Lake Success

Feb 28   Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, heiress, dog breeder and link to golden age, dies at 107

Feb 28   Archives: Long Island Automotive & Updates

Feb 26   Willie K’s Cars #3:The 1902 40-HP Mercedes Simplex- The Oldest Surviving Mercedes

Feb 25 CQI #4 (Comments, Questions and Insights)

Feb 24   1955 Lincoln-Mercury Times Article “Granddaddy of Superhighways”

Feb 23   The Long Island Motor Parkway Paintings By Harvey Kidder

Feb 22   Favorite Website:

Feb 21   Film “A Tribute to Bernd Rosemeyer- Winner of the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race”

Feb 21   Archives: Alco Trucks

Feb 21   Archives: Favorite Website: Vanderbilt Cup Races

Feb 21   Archives: Favorite Websites: Long Island Motor Parkway

Feb 19   Scorecard Vanderbilia #1: The 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Feb 18   A Series of Vanderbilt Cup Race Exaggerations by Malcolm Strauss

Feb 17   Mystery French Driver of an American Thomas Racer: Gustave Caillois

Feb 16   First Meeting of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society

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