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Nov 01   Howard Kroplick and the “Black Beast” Invited to the Chowder Society

Oct 31   Where in the stands is Horace A. Beale, Jr?

Oct 29   Film “100th Anniversary of the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race”

Oct 29   The 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes Trophy Makes an Appearance

Oct 27   Willie K’s Guest Lodge in Lake Success

Oct 27   Film “Ursula’s Ride”

Oct 24   The “Black Beast” at the 2009 Hallockville Car Show

Oct 23   Garden City News “Stewart School Quest Students Capture Archive Award”

Oct 22   The Motor Parkway Bridges over the Northern State Parkway

Oct 21   The “X” Mercedes Comes to Roslyn for the 1905 Race

Oct 17   The Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills, Queens

Oct 16   Video “Cablevision Editorial Gives the “Black Beast” a Thumbs-Up”

Oct 16   The Mayor and the “Beast”

Oct 14   Motor Parkway from Little Neck Parkway to Marcus Avenue Part II

Oct 13   Long Island History Journal Book Reviews My Favorite Two Books

Oct 12   Film “The “Black Beast” at the 2009 Great Neck Plaza Autofest/Festival”

Oct 10   Film “Reporter Larry Hoff Blown Away by the Black Beast”

Oct 09   A Busy Day for the Black Beast and the Alco-6 Team

Oct 08   Roslyn News “Black Beast at Great Neck Autofest” and WPIX-TV Coverage

Oct 08   The Motor Parkway from Little Neck Parkway to Marcus Avenue Part I

Oct 06   Cablevision Gives a Thumbs Up to the “Black Beast”

Oct 05   Film “The Long Island Vanderbilt Cup Races (1904-1937)”

Oct 04   LI News Tonight Film “Vanderbilt Cup Racer at the Vanderbilt Museum”

Oct 02   Great Neck Plaza Promotes Next Week’s Autofest/Festival

Oct 01   September 2009 Highlights on

Sep 30   Film: “Willie K’s Eagle Nest Mansion"and a Request for Feedback

Sep 29   The Bridgehampton Race Circuit…Today

Sep 28   More on the Long Island Automotive Museum

Sep 26   Chicken à la King, Foxhall Keene and the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Sep 25   Roslyn News “Classic Autos Still Have Plenty of Firepower”

Sep 25   Film “The Long Island Automotive Museum”

Sep 24   New Booklet “Historic Road Racing in Milwaukee”

Sep 23   Film “Old 16 Locomobile”

Sep 21   A Postcard View from the Powell Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Bethpage

Sep 20   Another Historic Gem from the Pickering Collection: The 1909 Alco Black Beast

Sep 18   Five More Vanderbilt Cup Race Photos from the Pickering Collection

Sep 18   An Amazing Discovery from the Pickering Collection-The 1906 #10 Apperson

Sep 16   Meeting the Granddaughter of a Vanderbilt Cup Race Photographer

Sep 15   The Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success

Sep 15   The Beautiful 2009 Fairfield Concours

Sep 12   “Black Beast” at the Fairfield Concours D’Elegance on Sunday

Sep 12   Film “Treasures of the Vanderbilt Cup Races”

Sep 10   Aerial View of the 2009 Lime Rock “Sunday in the Park” Vintage Car Festival

Sep 10   The Alco Black Beast at the First Indy 500 Race

Sep 08   Film “Black Beast at the 2009 Lime Rock Vintage Car Show”

Sep 08   Film “Black Beast on the Lime Rock Park Course”

Sep 06   Black Beast Wins Its Class at 2009 Lime Rock Car Show

Sep 04   “Black Beast” at Lime Rock Park This Weekend

Sep 04   The Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Over Little Neck Parkway in Queens

Sep 02   August 2009 Highlights on

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