• Aug 11 2008

    The Locomobile Paperweight Cup and Radiator Mascot

    In celebration of their victory in the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Locomobile offered miniature versions of the cup; a radiator mascot for $2.25 and a paperweight for $1.50.It was reported that Locomobile also provided special silver versions of the cup to the driving team and executives at the November 9, 1908 celebration in Bridgeport, (0 comments)

  • Aug 10 2008

    Driver Profile: Ralph DePalma

    Excellent article from emercedesbenz.comon Ralph DePalma, winner of the 1912 and 1914 Vanderbilt Cup Races. (0 comments)

  • Aug 02 2008

    Eddie Rickenbacker: America’s Ace of Aces and Vanderbilt Cup Participant

    Prior to becoming America’s World War I “Ace of Aces”, an aviation industry pioneer, owner of the Indianapolis Speedway and before changing his last name to Rickenbaker, Eddie was one of the leading race drivers in the country. He participated in one American Elimination Trial for the Vanderbilt Cup (1 comments)

  • Jul 28 2008

    Arcadia Publishing Announces a New Long Island Motor Parkway Book

    A new book on the Long Island Motor Parkway will be published by Arcadia Publishing and will be available on September 1, 2008. The over 200 rare images in this book, many published for the first time, have been selected from the archives of major museums, libraries, and private collectors. All author royalties (0 comments)

  • Jul 21 2008

    City to warn Oakland Gardens homes that encroach on Long Island Motor Parkway

    The New York Daily News reported on Saturday, July 19, 2008 that some homeowners in Oakland Gardens Queens may be forced to rein in their expansive backyards that encroached on the nature and bike trail on the historic right-of-way of the Long Island Motor Parkway. (0 comments)

  • Jul 12 2008

    The Alco Black Beast: Winner of the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races

    An excellent write-up of the Alco 6- winner of the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races can be found on the conceptcarz.com website. (2 comments)

  • Jun 26 2008

    New Book from Howard Kroplick and Al Velocci “The Long Island Motor Parkway”

    The Long Island Motor Parkway made its appearance during a pivotal time in American history with the advent of the automobile. A daring enterprise at the time, it is unquestionably the forerunner of the modern highway system. Features such as the use of reinforced concrete, bridges to eliminate grade crossings, (7 comments)

  • Jun 23 2008

    Driver Profile: George Robertson Updated 2/28/2016)

    A profile of the first American driver to win the Vanderbilt Cup Race in an American car. (2 comments)

  • Jun 14 2008

    1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race Pin Sets An Auction Record

    A Vanderbilia record was set on June 7, 2008 when a souvenir pin from the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race sold for $2,805 on Ebay to a Long Island collector. (0 comments)

  • May 30 2008

    What was the Long Island Automotive Museum?

    The Long Island Automotive Museum was founded by the prominent automobile collector and writer Henry Austin Clark Jr. in 1948 in Southampton on Long Island. The museum featured many unique cars including the Thomas Flyer car that won the 1908 Paris-New York Race. (41 comments)

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