• Apr 12 2009

    The most dramatic image of the Vanderbilt Cup Races

    One of the stirring moments that built the legend of the Vanderbilt Cup Race occurred at the Hairpin Turn during the1906 race. A spare tire and rim strapped to the back of the #18 Lorraine-Dietrich broke loose and began to thrash the gas tank. Riding mechanician Franville clutched the heavy mounted (3 comments)

  • Apr 10 2009

    Aerial View of the LIMP: Follow the yellow-lined path

    Check out the Wikimapia website. Someone has mapped out most of the right-of way fro the Long Island Motor Parkway. For example, just place your cursor over the Western Terminus box, and the Long Island Motor Parkway right-of way will appear as a yellow-lined path. (1 comments)

  • Apr 09 2009

    Willie K. Sets Land One-Mile Speed Record in 1904

    Before helping to organize the Vanderbilt Cup Races, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. was a pioneer race car driver, competing in Europe and Newport, Rhode Island from 1901 to 1903. (0 comments)

  • Apr 08 2009

    World’s Oldest Car for Sale?

    Last week, I posted my research on "Who invented the automobile?" I concluded that Karl Benz deserved credit for the 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen. But, hold your horsepower. (2 comments)

  • Apr 08 2009

    2009 Vanderbilt Centennial Events

    Vanderbilt Centennial Celebrations have announced two major events to celebrate the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race this summer: (4 comments)

  • Apr 06 2009

    Brochure “Harry Grant’s Own Story”

    Richard, in 1911, American Locomotive Company published a promotional brochure The Vanderbilt Cup Race-Grant's Own Story. The brochure described Harry Grant's strategy in winning the Vanderbilt Cup Races in 1909 and 1910. He also gave credit to your grandfather: (2 comments)

  • Apr 03 2009

    Film: The Great Savannah Races (1908-1911)

    From 1908 to 1911, four major automobile races were held in Savannah, Georgia. Photos of the Savannah course and the four races are shown in this five-minute film. Some of the rare photos in this film are courtesy of Kim Iocovozzi from Savannah. -Grand Prize Race of the Automobile Club of America (4 comments)

  • Apr 02 2009

    Louis Chevrolet-The most famous name in the Vanderbilt Cup Races

    The most famous name in the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island was Louis Chevrolet. Chevrolet participated in more Vanderbilt Cup Races than any other driver (1905, 1908,1909 &1910). His name has become one of the most recognizable brands in American car history. For more information on Chevrolet, read this excellent profile (1 comments)

  • Mar 31 2009

    March 2009 Highlights:VanderbiltCupRaces.com records its second best month

    March was a very strong month for VanderbiltCupRaces.com with 2,385 unique visitors, up 16% from the previous year's average. This total was the second highest monthly total in the website's history, trailing only October 2008 when the centennial of the Long Island Motor Parkway was celebrated. Below is an index to the (0 comments)

  • Mar 30 2009

    Who invented the automobile?

    In his February 24, 2009 speech to Congress, President Obama stated;"I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it." Did the United States really invent the automobile? If not us, who did? Here's the results of my research. (0 comments)

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