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  • Mar 16 2010

    Favorite Website: The Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing

    Leif Snellman has developed this marvelous website The Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing providing "race-by-race account of Grand Prix and Voiturette racing during the period 1934-1940". Among the races reviewed are the 1936 and 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Races. (1 comments)

  • Jan 19 2010

    Favorite Website: Team Dan Race Archives

    Darren Galpin at the Team Dan website has compiled the results for major historic races and drivers including five of the six William K. Vanderbilt Jr. Cup Races held on Long Island. (3 comments)

  • Jan 15 2010

    Favorite Website: WikiMapia

    WikiMapia is an online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Maps with a wiki system, allowing users to add information, in the form of a note, to any location on Earth. Here are some links to locations related to the Long Island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Races (0 comments)

  • Jan 07 2010

    Favorite Website: Chronicling America-Access to Historic Newspaper Articles

    Art of Art's Long Island Motor Parkway Site has recommended Chronicling America as a favorite website for Here's Art's description of a website that provides access to many historic newspaper articles dating back to 1690: (2 comments)

  • Jan 01 2010

    Favorite Website:

    Zach, a historic preservation graduate student, has created the website dedicated to the preservation of Long Island's "Gold Coast" estates and other thing old". This excellent website has photos and details on over 175 Long Island estates including several mansions related to Vanderbilt Cup Race personalities. (2 comments)

  • Dec 22 2009

    Favorite Website: Tribute to the Bridgehampton Race Circuit

    Ash Automobilia has developed a wonderful website as a Tribute to the Bridgehampton Race Circuit. This website on Long Island's great long lost race course includes; photos, race films, and links to websites, articles and books. (2 comments)

  • Dec 09 2009

    Favorite Website: The Fairchild Collection of the NY State Archives-Queens

    Bill Bellmer has discovered a website gem for all LIMPers who enjoy the historic Fairchild aerial surveys of Long Island: The Fairchild Aerial Survey Collection in the New York State Archives. Hundreds of aerials from the 1940s and 1950s can be enlarged and printed out. Of course the real challenge (1 comments)

  • Dec 01 2009

    A New Website Favorite- Horseless Carriage Foundation

    If you research automobiles or auto racing history from 1895 to 1922, you should consider becoming a member of the Horseless Carriage Foundation. (0 comments)

  • Nov 23 2009

    Favorite Website: Art’s Long Island Motor Parkway Site

    A link to Art's Long Island Motor Parkway Site has been added to the Favorite Websites page of . (1 comments)

  • Aug 28 2009

    A Favorite Website:

    I highly recommend a new website created by writer Mark Dill. (1 comments)

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