Long Island Motor Parkway

  • Feb 06 2009

    The Opening of the Motor Parkway Bike Path- July 9, 1938

    The crushing impact of the Depression, coupled with the ever-expanding free New York State Parkway system, effectively sealed the fate of the Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP). On June 16, 1937, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. offered the parkway to the public. It officially closed on April 17, 1938 with the right-of-way turned over to (0 comments)

  • Feb 01 2009

    Sayville Presentation “The Long Island Motor Parkway” on February 15, 2009

    The Sayville Historical Society will be sponsoring a Motor Parkway presentation on Sunday, February 15th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. I will be presentating my favorite images from our book The Long Island Motor Parkway and show memorabilia from the Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Motor Parkway. (0 comments)

  • Jan 20 2009

    When the Alco Black Beast Warmed Up for the First Indy 500 on the Motor Parkway

    Mark Dill has discovered an Indianapolis Star article published on May 21, 1911 describing how Harry Grant warmed up the Alco Black Beast for the first Indy 500 Race. The Alco reached a speed of over 107 mph on a practice run on the Long Island Motor Parkway. (0 comments)

  • Jan 07 2009

    A Fresh Meadows View of the Western LIMP Terminus

    Over the last five years, I have been documenting the 44-mile right-of way of the Long Island Motor Parkway from Fresh Meadows, Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma, Suffolk County. The most elusive area to research has been the most westerly section of the Motor Parkway In Queens. This entrance from Horace (0 comments)

  • Jan 01 2009

    The Four-Lane Motor Parkway and an Aerial View of Queens in 1924

    For the second VanderbiltCupRaces.com post of 2009, I have improved the format of my December 31st post and added a rare 1924 aerial view. The post includes amazing images from the Queens Borough President's Collection that shows two Long Island Motor Parkway bridges over Winchester Boulevard in Queens. Yes, in November 1932, (6 comments)

  • Dec 31 2008

    The Two Bridges Over Winchester Boulevard in Queens

    For the last VanderbiltCupRaces.com post of 2008, I have selected amazing images from the Queens Borough President's Collection that show two Long Island Motor Parkway bridges over Winchester Boulevard in Queens. Yes, in November 1932, there were two bridges at this location and the Motor Parkway looked like a four-lane parkway. (0 comments)

  • Dec 27 2008

    The Complete 44-Mile LIMP Tour: Maps, Images and Videos

    To assist those LIMP fans who wish to walk sections of the 44-mile Long Island Motor Parkway, I have highlighted the right-of-way using a 1940 map. In the final of the three-part series, click here for a PDF of the Suffolk County Map. (1 comments)

  • Dec 26 2008

    When Gasoline was 14 Cents a Gallon

    Several people have requested an unedited version of the image posted this Wednesday of the corner of the Hillside Avenue and Springfield Boulevard on January 22, 1931. (2 comments)

  • Dec 24 2008

    The Treasure Hunt Continues

    Okay, I admit it- I really enjoy the treasure hunt for new Vanderbilt Cup Race and Long Island Motor Parkway photos and memorabilia. As a result, I currently have a over 25,000 images and 150 collectibles collected over a five year period. (0 comments)

  • Dec 23 2008

    Hit One Over the Motor Parkway Bridge in Fresh Meadows!

    Contributor Mitch Kaften has provided another view of the first Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge - located near the Western Terminus at Nassau Boulevard (now Horace Harding Expressway). (0 comments)

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