• Feb 28 2010

    The Amazing and Continuing Saga of the 1906 Locomobile Twins- Part II

    In response to Dean B's email, last Sunday, I started the story of the 1906 Locomobile twins. Here's a recap and Part II. (3 comments)

  • Feb 27 2010

    The Amazing and Continuing Saga of the 1906 Locomobile Twins- Part I

    Dean, thanks for forwarding your neighbor's recollection and for asking the question. I have heard the story of the discarded Locomobiles....from articles by Peter Helck (1893-1988), the great American artist and former owner of the "Old 16" Locomobile. But, let's start at the beginning. (5 comments)

  • Dec 13 2009

    Article “Schenectady’s Contributions to the History of Automobiles”

    Don Rittner, author and historian, has written an excellent article in the Times Union serving the New York State Capital Region entitled "Schenectady’s Contributions to the History of Automobiles". (0 comments)

  • Nov 28 2009

    Louis Chevrolet and the End of the Long Island Vanderbilt Cup Races

    Chevrolet’s steely-eyed focus shown in 1905 and 1908 was noted by William Durant, chairman of General Motors, who wanted to promote Buicks through auto racing. By 1909 Durant hired both Louis and younger brother Arthur. Both worked on the cars, but Louis joined Lewis Strang and Bob Burman, men with all-out driving (0 comments)

  • Nov 27 2009

    Louis Chevrolet and the Vanderbilt Cup Races- Part II

    After his tenth place finish in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Chevrolet was mentored by two larger-than-life personalities: French champion Victor Hemery and front-wheel drive pioneer J. Walter Christie. (1 comments)

  • Oct 21 2009

    The “X” Mercedes Comes to Roslyn for the 1905 Race

    Only one of the 116 cars that participated in the six Long Island Vanderbilt Cup Races did not have a number...the "X" Mercedes driven by Al Campbell in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Campbell used the "X" instead of the unlucky 13 which he had drawn as the number and starting position (3 comments)

  • Aug 21 2009

    Jack Mayes Collection: Stanguellini, Bandini and an Effyh

    Jack Mayes has sumitted this wonderful photo of three racers from his collection. From left to right are; a Stanguellini, a Bandini and one of my favorite Bridgehamption cars, an Effyh. (0 comments)

  • Jul 22 2009

    Grand Prix Motors Mystery Solved!

    Last week we had a lively discussion concerning the futuristic "Grand Prix Motors" tow-car hauling its Effyh midget race car through the streets of Bridgehampton in 1951. I believe the mystery of who owned these cars has been solved. (7 comments)

  • Jul 16 2009

    In Search of “Grand Prix Motors” and Its Amazing Tow-Car

    I love a good racing mystery...especially one that is not easily solved by a Google Search. To recap, last Tuesday, I posted a film of the 1951 Bridgehampton Cup Race. What captured the attention of many viewers was the unique custom tow-truck hauling a racer at the 9-second mark of (1 comments)

  • Jul 14 2009 Exclusive: Film “The Bridgehampton Cup Race June 9, 1951”

    In a exclusive, this three-minute film documents the Third Annual Bridgehampton Races held on June 9,1951. This rare 16-mm film was provided by Walter McCarthy and the Long Island Old Car Club and has not been shown in over 25 years. (6 comments)

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