• Feb 02 2012

    Three Vanderbilt Cup Race Winners Together in 1936

    David Greenlees' website has posted this photo taken prior to the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race. I believe it may be the only image of three Vanderbilt Cup Race winners together. (1 comments)

  • Jan 28 2012

    George Robertson’s Last Race

    After skipping the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1908 winner George Robertson was preparing for a triumphant return in the 1910 Race driving a Benz. His hopes for a repeat win and his future racing career were dashed with one of the strangest accidents in Vanderbilt Cup Race history. (5 comments)

  • Jan 12 2012

    Driver Profile: Camille Jenatzy-  “The Red Devil” and His Tragic Death

    A Belgian race car diver, Janatzy broke the land speed record three times and was the first man to break the 100 km/hr barrier. He was nicknamed Le Diabo Rouge ("The Red Devil") for his color of his beard. (1 comments)

  • Jan 05 2012

    Another Vanderbilt Cup Race Mystery: Was Eddie Rickenbacker the Mechanician in this 1906 Photo?

    John Bayer wrote: "Not sure the guy in mechanician's seat in Frayer-Miller is Rickenbacker, even at 16. Rick's nose was much broader, and several of the Auburn pics you have posted show that...mystery". (5 comments)

  • Dec 15 2011

    Profile:Louis Wagner- Winner of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race& the First American Grand Prize (1908)

    Born on February 5, 1882 in Pre-Saint-Gervais, France, Louis Wagner had a distinguished racing career lasting 24 years. His greatest victories were the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race with a 80-hp Darracq and the 1908 American Grand Prize with a 120-hp Fiat. (0 comments)

  • Oct 18 2011

    Profile: Lewis Strang- Driver of the 1908 Renault Racer

    Lewis Strang’s life is an old-fashioned story of earning the American dream. Educated in private schools, he was a direct descendent of Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam, best known for urging his troops at Bunker Hill, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” (0 comments)

  • Aug 14 2011

    Joe Dawson- Hero of the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race & Winner of the Second Indy 500

    Born in 1889 in Odon, Indiana, Joe Dawson competed in the the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race and three Indy 500 Races (1911, 1912 and 1914). Joe Dawson finished second in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race losing by only 25 seconds and won the 1912 Indy 500 Race. He was considered the hero of the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race for stopping to (3 comments)

  • Jul 01 2011

    Archives: George Robertson

    Links related to George Robertson on (Updated: January 1, 2012): (0 comments)

  • Feb 05 2011

    Rare Images Series #2: Vanderbilt Cup Race Driver Joe Tracy

    Joe Tracy (1873-1959) was the only driver to participate in the first five races associated with the Vanderbilt Cup Races (1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1905 American Elimination Race, the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1906 American Elimination Race, and the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race). As part of the Rare Images series, check out these (2 comments)

  • Feb 02 2011

    Driver Profile: Billy Knipper- Winner of the 1909 Merrimac Valley Trophy

    Andrea V: (Italy): " I'm the owner of the trophy won by William Knipper in a Chalmers-Detroit at the Merrimac Valley Trophy Race. Do you have information on the race and Knipper? (0 comments)

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