Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

  • Nov 23 2010

    Upclose: The Vanderbilt Cup Trophy in 2002

    The first international automobile road race needed an extraordinary symbol of its significance. The $2,500 Vanderbilt Cup, designed by Tiffany & Company, filled the bill. After weeks of discussions, Vanderbilt felt confident enough the race would become a reality that he ordered designs for the trophy from Tiffany’s in March 1904. Here (4 comments)

  • Nov 12 2010

    1997 Exhibit and Film “Old 16- An American Legend”

    After obtaining Old 16 from Jerry Helck in 1997, the Henry Ford Museum developed a multimedia exhibit to display the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race winner. The elaborate exhibit included a simulation of the Long Island Motor Parkway, display cases, three figures dressed in 1908 period race clothing and a 9-monitor video wall. (5 comments)

  • May 10 2009

    The Vanderbilt Cup: Up-Close on Long Island in 2002

    In June 2002, the Smithsonian Institute loaned the Vanderbilt Cup for a Stony Brook exhibit The Crowd Goes Wild! Spectator Sports on Long Island- the last time this historic trophy was on Long Island. In addition to the cup, the exhibit featured Walter McCarthy's 1908 Simplex. Accordingly, Walter was able to get (0 comments)

  • Apr 24 2009

    A CART Vanderbilt Cup Sighting in 2007

    As noted last week, the one and only Vanderbilt Cup was gifted by William K. Vanderbilt Jr. to the Smithsonian Institution in November 1934. The Smithsonian promised that this historic racing trophy would be prominently featured in their transportation exhibit. Unfortunately, the trophy has been in a storage closet for several (3 comments)

  • Apr 22 2009

    The Vanderbilt Cup On Long Island in 1933

    From 1904 to 1916, the manufacturer of the winning car of the Vanderbilt Cup Races was allowed to hold the 30-pound silver Vanderbilt Cup for one year. The cup was usually placed on display at the company's exhibits and automobile trade shows. But, what happened to the Vanderbilt Cup after the races (2 comments)

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