Sunday, Aug 10 2014

Motor Parkway East Walk Ride, Alley Pond Park, Queens, NY

Just FYI, we are having a bike ride/walk on August 10th. In terms of a brief outline of the schedule for that day -

  • Cyclists will leave the Unisphere at 1:00 PM and meet up with the Striders at the Park House at 2:30 PM. The Alco Black Beast is scheduled to participate at the Park House.
  • Cyclists will dismount and walk their bikes
  • Striders and Bikers will walk over to the bus Q46 bus stop by Creedmoor and perhaps meet with some electeds 
  • Both Bicyclists and Striders walk through Creedmoor State Hospital Grounds
  • We continue walking through the Queens County Farm Museum 
  • There's a greenmarket on Sundays from 12pm - 5pm so we could visit - this would show the Farm Museum that extending the Motor Parkway would be good for business
  • From there the two groups could part ways with bicyclists riding out to LIJ and the Queens County Line.


Joby Jacob, PhD
T: 347-565-JOBY


Location: Alley Pond Park House

Address: Union Turnpike and Winchester Boulevard, Queens

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