Saturday, Jun 15 2019

Tucker Talk- The History & Restoration of Tucker 1044, Hershey, PA

Saturday, June 15, 2019
3:00-4:00 program, followed by questions & answers
This program is part of a weekend full of automotive enthusiast activities.   Visit our calendar of events to learn more about the Annual Museum Car Show, Flea Market & Auction also on the grounds here on June 15th and information on another Tucker Talk focused on The Tin Goose scheduled for Sunday, June 16th.  It’s a weekend for Tucker Enthusiasts to get together and share their passion for the hobby and all things Tucker.
Background on Tucker #1044
Tucker #1044 has been one of the most awarded and written about Tucker Automobiles in the last year.    Purchased in January of 2017 by Howard & Rosalind Kroplick, Tucker #1044 made a brief visit to the AACA Museum, Inc. in October of 2017 to attend our Night at the Museum event before it’s current restoration which began on December 1st, 2017.
After an eight-month restoration, Tucker #1044 made its first public appearance at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it was on view as part of the Tucker Class commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Tucker.    Earlier this year, Tucker #1044 was honored again at the Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance with a Best In Class win.  The restoration was led by Rob Ida of Ida Automotive along with Tucker family members Mike and Sean Tucker.
Have you ever heard a Tucker run?  If not, this is your chance!  This is planned as part of the program.
For a full history on Tucker #1044 visit Vanderbilt Cup Races Blog.
Howard Kroplick – Author and Town Historian of North Hempstead, TACA Member, and current owner of Tucker #1044, along with several other amazing automobiles.
Rob Ida – Rob and Bob Ida are owners of Ida Automotive, and were part of the Tucker #1044 restoration team.
Mark Lieberman – President of Nostalgic Motoring, LTD and noted expert in the preservation and restoration of Tucker automobiles.   Mark was a previous owner of Tucker #1044, just before Howard Kroplick.  Mark is a Board Member at the AACA Museum, Inc. and part of the TACA Advisory Committee and current owner of Tucker #1029.
John R. Tucker, Jr., and Mike Tucker are descendants of Preston Tucker and members of the Tucker #1044 preservation team.  John Tucker is a member of the AACA Museum, Inc. Board of Directors and is part of the Tucker Club Advisory Committee.
In June of 1947, Preston Tucker introduced the world to the Tucker automobile by unveiling the prototype, The Tin Goose.    The story of Preston Tucker and the Tucker Automobile is one that continues to intrigue us.     Tucker produced 50  production automobiles, along with the Tin Goose Prototype, of which 47 still exist today.   The AACA Museum, Inc. is proud to be the home of the Tucker Automobile Club of America (TACA) along with being the caretakers of the David Cammack Tucker Collection.   The Cammack Collection is housed here at the Museum and includes three Tucker Automobiles – Tucker #1001 (the first production car), #1022 (Mr. Cammack’s first Tucker, and Tucker #1026 (the only surviving automatic Tucker) along with many experimental engines, the factory test chassis and many other exciting automobiles.
Tucker #1044, the 44th original Tucker produced, will be here at the AACA Museum, Inc. for this program.   We’re excited to hear the details of the restoration process.  We’re grateful to the owner (and TACA Member) Howard Kroplick for agreeing the bring Tucker #1044 here for this program.

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Location: AACA Museum

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