Ralph Mongini

Nationality: United States
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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  • Oct 05 2019

    VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive: The Engines of the 1906 American Elimination Trial Racers

    In another VanderbiltCupRaces.com exclusive, below are never-before-published photos of the engines for several racers that were entered in the 1906 American Elimination Trial. The photos were formerly from the Don C. Boulton Collection.

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    Race Profile: The 1905 American Elimination Trial

    According to the Vanderbilt Cup Race rules, America could enter a maximum of five automobiles in the 1905 race. On September 23, 1905, the American Elimination Trial was held to determine the five entries from 12 American candidates.

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    Starting Lineup: The 1905 American Elimination Trial

    Twelve cars were scheduled to compete in the 1905 American Elimination Trial. The race was held on September 23, 1905 to help determine the five American entrants for the Vanderbilt Cup Race:

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    Starting Lineup: The 1906 American Elimination Trial

    As in 1905, an American Elimination Trial determined the five racers to represent the United States in the Vanderbilt Cup Race. Of 16 entries, 12 cars survived the practice runs to race on Saturday, September 22, 1906. Here are images and profiles of all 16 cars. (Remember to click on the photos to enlarge):