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The History of the Long Island Motor Touring Club
The Long Island Motor Touring Club is one of the oldest antique automobile clubs on Long Island. It was formed in 1957 as an independent organization not affiliated with and other national club. Its original name was the Long Island Model T Club. The Model T Ford was the most popular automobile with antique status, and still is, in the class of genuine “Antique” autos which date from 1927 and earlier. Production of the Model T ended in 1927, and that year was adopted as the cut-off for eligibility of vehicles to be accepted by the club. Any make automobile or truck built prior to 1928 would be accepted by the club.
Some of the Charter members were Walter Beatty, Lester Cutting, John DeRosa, Leo Peters and Frank Stepaneck; all pioneers in the hobby. At the time, automobile collectors were considered to be “a bit eccentric.” The only other organization on Long Island, for antique automobiles was the Long Island Old Car Club, also independent at that time, which accepted automobiles 1929 and earlier.

In 1957, automobiles of this vintage were relatively easy to find and in fact, Model “A” Fords were still in use as everyday transportation in rural parts of the country.

In the 1960’s the hobby began to grow. The general public had become aware that the “bit eccentric” people were having a lot of fun with nice old cars. Four regions of the Antique Automobile Club of America were formed on Long Island, and a new generation of automobile collectors came into the hobby.

In 1974, the Long Island Model T Club had to make changes to survive and attract new members. The name was changed to the Long Island Motor Turing Club. This was to inform people that it was not restricted to only Model T Fords, which the original name implied. The year of eligibility was changed from 1927 to 1942 and earlier.

As the hobby continued to increase in popularity, another change was made after almost fifty years, to again raise the year of eligibility. It now accepts cars that are at least 40 years old.

In 2007, the club celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary. IT continues to be an active and enjoyable organization. IT is family oriented, with tours, picnics and events. Ownership of an antique or collectable vehicle is not a requirement for membership. Anyone with an interest in older vehicles is most welcome.

Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 8 pm at:

The Town of Oyster Bay Senior Citizen Center
214 N Albany Ave.
Massapequa, NY 11758

Take exit 30N on Southern State Parkway.
Merge onto N. Poplar St
Turn left at N. Broadway
Turn left at N. Albany Ave


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