Horseless Carriage Club of America- Long Island

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 Many collector car clubs throughout the U.S and the rest of the world recognize specialty marques or a broad spectrum of makes and years of manufacture. Very few remaining collectible automobiles represent the dawning of the age of the automobile industry. This unique period of automotive history covers the turn of the century to the end of carriage coachwork, gas lights, hand cranking and profuse use of brass. For the most part, only the wealthy owned automobiles during this pre 1916 era, and ownership required a pioneering spirit, inventiveness and superior mechanical ability to keep these early automobiles functioning. These early automobiles were called horseless carriages as they were capable of transporting people and freight faster and longer distance without the need of a horse to pull them. Unlike a horse, the automobile did not require feeding or veterinarians to maintain health when not in service, but like a horse they often got a colorful language/lecture by the owner when they would not perform.

In essence, all automobiles are Horseless Carriages, but HCCA has defined the Horseless Carriage as any pioneer gas, steam and electric motor vehicle built or manufactured prior to January 1, 1916.

Membership in this organization is open to anyone interested in this unique era and does not require the member to own a pre-1916 automobile. HCCA Regional Groups and HCCA Registers of specific types or makes are located throughout the world. Many of the HCCA Regional Groups also welcome post 1915 vintage automobiles on their tours.

It is the goal of the Horseless Carriage Club to preserve originality or restore these automobiles to their original condition, use them for their original purpose of driving and completing tours, and promote the preservation of their historical value. Children and adults are fascinated even today, as they were in the early days, at the uniqueness, charm and character exemplified by these historic vehicles. On behalf of our many members and the Board of Directors, welcome to the Horseless Carriage Club of America!


Long Island

President: Bob Coiro 1-631-499-0404


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