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  • Jul 21 2015

    Fortune Magazine, June 1932: A Portfolio of Aerial Photographs by Captain Alfred G. Buckham

    Earlier this month, Art Kleiner discovered this 1932 illustrated map of Long Island that featured the Long Island Motor Parkway. The map was published in the June 1932 issue of Fortune and served as the legend for these nine dramatic aerials taken by Captain Alfred G. Buckham.

  • Dec 12 2008

    Was This Building The Prototype for the LIMP Toll Lodges?

    The first six toll lodges for the Long Island Motor Parkway were designed by the prominent architect John Russell Pope from 1908 to 1911. Prior to receiving this commssion from William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., Pope worked on various Long Island estates and properties including the gatehouse for Willie K's Deepdale estate. One