Tag: National Highways Asociation

  • Feb 27 2018

    My Long Island Motor Parkway License Plate Collection

    Among the most sought-after pieces of Vanderbilia are the porcelain Motor Parkway license plates. From 1912 to 1937, an estimated 7,400 Long Island Motor Parkway license plates were manufactured including 6,700 regular plates and 700 golf club plates.

  • Jun 24 2017

    The Proposed 1916 National Military Highway on Long Island

    Established by Charles Henry Davis in 1912, the leading advocate for the development of national highways and "good roads everywhere" was the National Highways Association. With war raging in Europe, in 1916 the National Highway Association of Long Island proposed this 90-mile national military highway from Jamaica, Queens to Montauk.

  • Aug 02 2016

    Charles Davis, the Good Roads Everywhere Movement and Long Island Motor Parkway License Plate #25

    A leading advocate for national highways in the early 1900s was Charles Henry Davis. Here is the story of Davis, the "Good Roads Everywhere" movement and the link to the Long Island Motor Parkway.

  • May 05 2009

    The National Highway Association’s #25 Motor Parkway License Plate

    Gene, here's a neat coincidence- I also own the number 25 Motor Parkway red and white plate issued in 1928. Accordingly, I have researched this particular plate at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. First , let's discuss the Motor Parkway plate -which was likely the first "E-Z" pass.