Tag: Mustang Pegasus

  • Jul 30 2016

    Ford Performance Manager John Clor: Mustangs that Never Were

    The keynote speaker for last Saturday's Mustangs on the Niagara banquet was John Clor, enthusiast communications manager for Ford Performance. A section of his presentation highlighted "Mustangs that Never Were". Several of these unique Mustangs are shown here using photos from my collection and the Internet.

  • Mar 28 2016

    Mystery Foto #13 Solved: Mustang Pegasus and Mustang III on Display at the 1965 Autorama in Detroit

    This weekend's Mystery Foto documented a display of custom cars including the Mustang III Custom Show Car.

  • Aug 14 2015

    The Kings of the Ford Custom Car Caravan

    Beginning in fall 1962 through 1965, Ford created the Ford Custom Car Caravan to campaign customized and performance-themed Fords. The 1963 Caravan included the Mustang I and Mustang II. Later Ford reached out to prominent customizers and commissioned additional custom cars for the tour including the Mustang III built by Dearborn Steel Tubing.

  • Jun 20 2015

    Mustang III at the Ford Custom Car Caravan (1964-1965)

    At the request of the Ford Marketing Division, Dearborn Steel Tubing was given the ninth pre-production Mustang ever built. Dearborn Steel Tubing, Ford's prototype/concept show car supplier, was asked to build the two-passenger Mustang III fiberglass fastback to tour with the Ford Custom Car Caravan and be displayed at