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  • May 26 2010

    From the Drennan Collection: 1937 Roosevelt Raceway “Australia” Mystery Solved

    Onelung: Question: "One of the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race photos in the April 9, 2010 post shows the Italian Alfa Romeo team in front of garages at Roosevelt Raceway. You can clearly see the beginning of the word ITALY above one of them. Can you explain why "Australia" appears on the door in

  • May 19 2010

    Rare 1930s Photos of Two Motor Parkway Bridge Accidents

    The Motor Parkway bridges in Nassau County were built from 1908 to 1911. The significant growth of traffic in the 1920s and 1930s was not anticipated in the design of the bridges and the openings for roads below were very narrow, typically only 22 feet wide. As a result, multiple car accidents occurred