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  • Dec 17 2014

    Two Videos: Mission to Cuba and The Classic Cars of Cuba

    Today's restoration of US diplomatic relations with Cuba brought back memories of my visit to Havana in March 2009.

  • Mar 17 2009

    The Classic Cars of Cuba: 60 Classic Cars in 6 Minutes!

    As posted last week, I was one of 25 Long Islanders who recently visited Cuba on a government-approved mission. During the five days of this adventure, I also documented the classic American cars still operating on the streets of Havana. In this six-minute film in the Blog, you will see over 60

  • Mar 11 2009

    Video: Mission to Cuba

    In March 2009, 25 members of the Sid Jacobson JCC of East Hills, New York went on a government-approved mission to explore the Jewish community in Cuba. This nine-minute film captures photo highlights of this mission including views of; Havana, the three major synagogues, a Jewish cemetery founded in 1906, and the Cuban

  • Mar 07 2009

    Havana: World’s Largest Living Museum of American Cars

    I recently visited Havana, Cuba on a government-approved mission with a group of 24 other people. My secondary mission was to photograph the classic American cars still on the streets of Havana. During a five-day stay, I took photos of around 60 classic Buicks, Plymouths, Olds, Cadillacs,Dodges, Pontiacs and Fords. I