Tag: 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes

  • Jul 04 2016

    Mystery Foto #27 Solved: Drivers and Mechanicians of the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race & Sweepstakes

    In a special Holiday Weekend Mystery Foto(s), these 13 images of drivers and mechanicians of the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race and Sweepstakes were from the National Automotive Collection of the Detroit Public Library.

  • Dec 21 2012

    Race Profile: The 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes

    For the 1910 races, three simultaneous races were held, with the running of the Massapequa and Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes with the Vanderbilt Cup Race.

  • Apr 28 2011

    Starting Lineup: The 6 Cars of the 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes

    During the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race, two other sweepstakes races were run simultaneously for commercially available stock cars. The Massapequa Sweepstakes had six entrants for the smallest stock cars who competed for 10 laps over 126.4 miles. Here are images and information on the two Coles, three Abbott-Detroits and one Lancia that competed:

  • Oct 29 2009

    The 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes Trophy Makes an Appearance

    In September 1, 2008, I described a dashboard plaque that was provided by the Cole Motors Company to celebrate their victory in the 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes, simultaneously with the Vanderbilt Cup Race. The plaque contains an embossing of the huge "Massapequa Sweepstakes Trophy" that was given to Cole for winning the race.