May 08 2012

Presentation “Finding Chrysler’s Chrysler” at Sardi’s on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The saga of  "Chrysler's Chrysler" will be highlighted at the May Meeting of the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving & Chowder Society on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

I will present the history of  this "one of one" 1937 Chrysler Imperial C-15 Town Car that was custom built by LeBaron  for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler. Rare photos documenting the 75-year history of this car will be shown including images and films taken at the LeBaron factory, the Long Island Automotive Museum and the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. I will also discuss how the car was discovered, acquired and current future plans.

The meeting will be held at Sardi's, 244 W. 44th Street, New York, NY beginning at 12 noon sharp.


Howard Kroplick

Update: Over 50 vice-presidents of the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving & Chowder Society enjoyed the presentation of "Finding Chrysler's Chrysler".


May 13 2012 Tom Abbe 8:47 AM

Get a load of that license plate, manufacturer ‘10’

May 14 2012 R Troy 12:48 AM

Great car, and a great historic place to talk about it.  I’m guessing that Vince Sardi would have appreciated the history of the car, though I’ve no idea of what he thought about cars - just his place and horses!  I knew Vince, and among other things, how he felt about his place and its great history.

May 20 2012 Tom 12:34 PM

The paint looks beautiful !

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