May 15 2012

Vanderbilt Cup Race Driver William Wallace Jr.‘s 1911 FIAT Touring Car

William Wallace was the only Vanderbilt Race commissioner to drive in the Vanderbilt Cup Races competing in 1904 and 1910 races.  Alan Clendenen is the current proud owner of Wallace's 1911 FIAT touring car.


Alan Clendenen: "William Wallace won the 1904 Eagle Rock Hill Climb in a FIAT, and he drove in all the Fairmont Park Races in Philadelphia, mostly in an American Underslung. 

As I understand it, Wallace ordered my 1911 FIAT from the Hol-Tan Automobile Company at 37th and Broadway, New York.  I don't know when he took delivery.  The engine number is "6" (not to be confused with Tipo 6) and the chassis number is 11174.  According to FIAT records they made 28 Tipo 6's. It's not a race car, but a 4 passenger touring with 4 cylinders, 9+ litres, and double chain drive.  I'm the 6th owner of this fine car and drive it frequently.  Here are some photos of  car."

Alan, thanks for forwarding to Love the car and the horn!


Howard Kroplick


Nov 10 2018 David de Muzio 12:02 PM

This 1911 Fiat is now in the collections of the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

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