Nov 20 2015

Film of the Week: Santa Monica Road Racing 1914-1916 Using Imatte Technology

Automotive historian and author Harold Osmer has posted six videos of his presentation on Sanata Monica road racing. This video features the 1914 and 1916 Vanderbilt Cup Races.


Harold Osmer: "This is part 5 of 6 videos telling the tale of why/how important auto racing was in the early development of Santa Monica. Without auto racing, Santa Monica may well have been annexed to Los Angeles.   I share some dramatic crash photos from Dead Man's Curve (nobody ever died at this Dead Man's Curve) including Eddie Pullen and John Marquis. I explain why Santa Monica's real road racing came to a close and introduce the most significant car in American auto racing history.

The video was recorded live with no notes or edits. The audience saw exactly what you saw. Both them and I were able to see the slides on the screen. I was masked out by the iMatte technology. How many times have you seen guys walk in front of the screen and wind up with a graph or image across his face? Not with this system. These guys invented green screen composition and build the boxes used by the movie industry (and have the Oscars to prove it)".

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Howard Kroplick


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