Dec 22 2009

Favorite Website: Tribute to the Bridgehampton Race Circuit

Ash Automobilia has developed a wonderful website as a Tribute to the Bridgehampton Race Circuit. This website on Long Island's great long lost race course includes; photos, race films, and links to websites, articles and books.

More information on the Bridgehampton races and the race circuit can be found in these posts:

-Old 16 at the 1952 Bridgehampton Road Race

-The Bridgehampton Race Circuit Today

-The 1951 Bridgehampton Races

-The Futuristic Tow Car at the 1951 Bridgehampton Races

-The Racer on the Trailer at Bridgehampton in 1951

-Grand Prix Motors Mystery Solved!

-The 1965 Vanderbilt Cup Race at Bridgehampton

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Dec 27 2009 guy 10:25 PM

Thanks Howard. Please include as a link to your ever growing website

Dec 31 2009 Howard Kroplick 5:38 PM

Hi Guy:
Will do.


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