Dec 20 2015

Walter McCarthy Collection: The 20th Anniversary of the Long Island Automotive Museum (1968)

Bruce Wennerstrom documented a visit by the Madison Avenue Chowder Society on August 31, 1968 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Long Island Automotive Museum in Southampton.

A copy of this 1968 article is courtesy of the Walter McCarthy Collection.


Howard Kroplick

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. celebrating the 20th anniversary of his museum.

Chowderhead Bob Beason, editor of Mechanix Illustrated, noted that the kerosene lamps of the 1906 Pungs-Finch "Limited" wouldn't meet present-day critieria for exhaust emissions. The young bridge next to him is his young bride, Sylvia.

Sebring impressario Alec Ulmann toasts his host.

Alec used the time-tested ploy for getting an arm around a girl (Wally Clark); teach her how to shift gears. ("First over here by your knee, my dear").

After three drinks, Kinbg Moore always looks a little blurry!

This Chowderhead is a lawyer. Since he will probably sue us for invasion of privacy or something if we mention his name, we will merely identify him as "part of the croiwd." The delectable lady is allegedly is wife.

Maurice Willson, U.S.A editor of Speed World International, and wife Suzanne, who asked, "Why does Mr. Clark have all these old cars? Can't he afford a new one?"

Genia Wennerstrom and husband/co-editor of This Here Page, Bruce Wennerstrom who noted, "These cars aren't so old; I remember driving some of them when they were new!"


Dec 23 2015 S. Berliner, III 6:09 PM

Ulmann was a friend of my father’s and gave me a copy of his history of Mercedes (which, naturally, I can’t locate just now) but I was quite sure his given name was “Alec”, not “Alex”.  His handwritten signature agrees; go with it.  Sam, III

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