Oct 18 2012

Vintage Autos Return to the Queens “Motor Parkway” Greenway

Vintage cars drove yesterday on the Queens section of the historic Long Island Motor Parkway for the first time in over 70 years.( Photo courtesy of Bruce Adams).

In a dry run for the October 28th "The Second Annual Motor Parkway Sunday Drive: Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma", three vintage cars returned to our favorite parkway now a greenway for bikers and pedestrians.

Ellyn Okvist, the event organizer, reports:

"The Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association held a shakedown Sunday Drive in Cunningham Park, Queens on 10/17/12.  Representatives of LRHA,  Long Island Preservation Society and Model A Ford Club of Long Island were asked to participate. Marc Hillman was present as Official Photographer and LIMPPS member.  Bobby Kentner was present as a member of all three groups.  Bruce Adams was representing MAFCA, being the Activities Chairman.  Sal Miliotta was with us on route.  Many members of The City of New York, and Parks & Recreation were present. 

The caravan of three vintage vehicles was permitted to drive the full length of the Motor Parkway remaining in Cunningham Park.  A wonderful video was shot by our Marc Hillman.  Amazement is my key word, as the Parkway remains beautiful and useful to this day.  The embankments are in excellent condition, the markers, bridges, everything are in splendid condition.  I even saw many trees that may have been there at the beginning.  The approximate 2 ½ mile trip was classic. 

I am proud and happy to report that the eleven-month saga  Ashley Okvist and I have undertaken has resulted in this opportunity for all of us to make the beginning section of the SUNDAY DRIVE a sight to remember.  It is ready for all of us!!! " 


Video by Marc Hillman


Howard Kroplick

Upcoming Queens Events on the Motor Parkway

Queens Greenway Clean-Way Day, Queens, NY The Second Annual Motor Parkway “Sunday Drive”, Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma The Black Beast will be particpating in the Queens portion of the event.


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